Among the more bizarre curiosities of '60s acid rock was the Holy Modal Rounders, considered by some to be the last word in weird. Well, last night at The Door the group's founding members, Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber, proved they haven't changed a bit. Their playing was out of tune, their perspectives were out to lunch, their lyrics were consistently outlandish, their show was sheer out-and-out fun.

Stampfel is still very much a child of the '60s. Occasionally, he would introduce a song by saying, "This is . . . uh, anyway," and then launch into a crazed hoedown on fiddle, his right leg convulsing wildly to some phantom beat. Weber was much more reserved on guitar, but he shared Stampfel's obvious joy when the two stumbled upon the same key or when their impromptu arrangements settled into place.

It was a ragged performance, to be sure, but their songs were often wickedly funny. A typical tune had Prince Charles singing a remake of the old Paul Anka hit "Diana," with the lyrics: "If you'll be my lover, you can be queen just like my mother."

Yes, the Holy Modal Rounders haven't changed a bit.