Oh, lord. Here's another set of china aimed at the White House. A lady named Mercedes Darrow says she's determined to give Nancy a 107-piece service for 12 in February. (She gave the same set to the queen of Spain, she says. This lot costs $30,000 and is designed by super-surrealist Salvador Dali for MLE Masterpieces. Ear, envisioning eyeballs on the eggcups and teacups with drawers, thought fondly of the First Pair giggling over the Grape-Nuts. Now, bitter disillusion. The White House says it hasn't heard a squeak about the notion . . . Meanwhile, expect a scrap over that Jamie Wyeth painting of the White House at night. (Surely you've seen yours? It's on the White House Christmas card this year.) Ear hears the millionaires are bowling each other over to buy the original oil-and-water. Everyone wants to give it as a Major Gift to the Reagans. Oil billionaire Armand Hammer is oft-mentioned as the Hot Buyer. (Imagine! Armand's not even part of The Group!) But Jamie tells Ear lots of people want to snap it up, and he hasn't made up his mind. Battling to give things away is the best part of the Season of Peace, of course.