Check your guest list twice, darlings. Here's who not to invite to the same eggnogging this year: Sen. Howard Metzenbaum with Rep. John Dingell. (It was almost fisticuffs time in the House over the Pipeline Bill: "Howard, I want you to leave the House floor -- you're lobbying." "You must be kidding." "I'm dead serious. If you don't leave I'll get the parliamentarian and have you escorted off the floor." "I've taken on bigger guys than you, and you just go right ahead!" "I can't think of anything that would please me more.") . . . Rep. John LeBoutillier with Sen. Pat Moynihan. Alex Haig with Dick Allen. Nancy Dickerson with Tandy Dickinson. Tongsun Park with Tip O'Neill. (Ear's forgotten why.) Henry Kissinger with Sy Hersh. (Sy, you know, has been toiling on his big Henry book. This is such a lulu that the Atlantic Monthly, still flushed with gloire after its David Stockman budgetary peekaboo, has bought two massive extracts. Rumored price: $70,000. Sy won't say.) Gay Talese with David Halberstam. (Actually, says David, the Talese-Halberstam "feud" over the Auto Biz Book that each is writing is "overblown." Frankly, he'd prefer not to slurp eggnog with Robert McNamara.) Ear just might ask all of them to a Terrific new lunch, watch the fun, and slip out to McDonald's. Wednesday: Tinsel in Ear.