The "twin B's" of bridge and bowling are making their presences heavily felt in our holiday fund-raising campaign.

From the world of spares and splits come these recent donations:

* A $50 gift from the Argals Bowling League, collected at the annual Christmas party.

* An additional $13 from the Prince George's County Crossing Guards Bowling League.

* And $45 from the Ladies Friendship League of Falls Church.

* The Tuesday Afternoon Bowling League from Esperanza Lanes in Lexington Park, Md., sent $20.30.

* And the Wednesday A.M. Ladies League from Skor-Mor Lanes in Arlington sent $30.

* The final bowling bequest (for now, we trust) was a $94 donation from the McLean Alley Kats Bowling League. Thanks to all.

Meanwhile, in ace and kingdom . . . .

* From the Arlington Women's Club Duplicate Bridge Club comes $42. Special thanks to Pat Medding, the game's director, who assembled the donation and agreed to prod other area bridge clubs into, ahem, following suit.

* Another $16 came from the Friendly Clifton Bridge Club of Clifton, Va.

* And from Kensington's Orleans Way Bridge Club comes an especially remarkable $15. Why remarkable? Because the club disbanded in January with all of 50 cents in the treasury, writes Catherine Johnson, the co-director. She and husband Howard kicked in the rest.