The National Symphony will begin holding auditions next month for a violinist to serve as co-concertmaster with Miran Kojian. "We have been just about the only major orchestra with only one concertmaster," Kojian told this column, "and we need at least two, not only to share the work but to fill in if, for example, I am sick." He said he has been talking to the NSO management about the need for another concertmaster "for several years," particularly since he began escalating his own activities as a conductor.

Besides his work with the NSO, Kojian is conductor of the Virginia Chamber Orchestra and increasingly has been in demand as a guest conductor with chamber orchestras in other cities, including New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. He has also been asked to conduct two concerts at Wolf Trap next summer. "I have been wanting to devote more of my time to conducting," he says, "and with all my work as concertmaster, that was just impossible."

Violinists of the NSO are being urged to audition for the position, but it is also open to others. "I've been encouraging everybody who shows any kind of interest," says Kojian, who will be a member of the audition panel.