On any given night Beneath It All, the basement club on M Street in Georgetown, may summon to mind tales of the Cavern, Liverpool's fabled underground showcase for the Beatles. Bare walls, cramped quarters and dim lighting enhance the effect, albeit on a much smaller scale. But this week there is something special going on at the club that makes the comparison inevitable: The Kids are performing there through Sunday night. A local sextet, the Kids blend '60s rock influences with lofty, crystalline harmonies and the rhythmic urgency of New Wave rock. The harmonies alone are worth hearing.

Late Tuesday night the band opened with "Pop Mozart," an engaging slice of pop rock, prefaced by exquisite four-part vocals. Like most of the original material the Kids perform, it was full of imaginative twists.

Presently, the Kids are at that awkward stage where they have to mix their own songs with familiar rock hits. Their versions of tunes by the Beatles and Badfinger were enjoyable and true to the originals, but it's the band's own craftily constructed pop that leaves the strongest impression.

In addition to the Cannon brothers' (Doug, Jeff and Chris) harmonies, the songs are brightened by guitarist Chris Marks' fleet precision and the strong rhythm combination of bassist Curt Newport and drummer Keith John. Recording their songs for a major record label can't be too far off.