"IT IS LATER than you think."

Time flies.

Time and tide wait for no man.

Send not to ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

"My calculations, people say, reduced the year to better reckoning./ Nay, 'twas only throwing away dead yesterday and unborn tomorrow."

All of which is a way of saying that you have only five more days to buy your 1982 calendar and diary. After that, you'll be behind for the whole year, throwing days away.

Not since the pyramids and Stonehenge have ways of reckoning the days been so beautiful.

The only general objection might come from those with full days who find a glance at a week is not enough, and they need a full page for every day. Those verbose souls will have to settle for the excellent, if unillustrated, National Calendars, or the expensive Leathersmith Calendars from England, both found in profusion at Ginns and Stotts.

The illustrated calendars can be found at department store stationary and book departments, museum shops and bookstores. (Brentano's, Crown and Discount have a good selection, with Franz Bader the source for foreign language art calendars.)

Once again, the Washington Women's Art Center calendar is so popular, it was sold out almost before it was available. No wonder, with the 25 original prints in each calendar for a bargain $50. Sign up now for next year by calling: 332-2121. The Washington Post calendar was also sold out as soon as it appeared this year.

Note that some are wall calendars, others are appointment diaries, and a few are address books in companion formats. Most of us need at least one set of both, though one devoted collector keeps an appointment diary and an address book at each of the six telephones in the house. Of course, he never remembers which one he wrote it in and frequently shows up at the party on the wrong day.

Here are a selection of the best.

The Daily Word

VERBATIM DIARY, calculated to make you watch what you write if not what you say. Lawrence Urdang has written 60 admonishments about words including a dissertation on paroemiographers -- collectors of proverbs to you. The book is stitched bound with a ribbon marker. $12.50. Universe.

PRINT/BRAILLE Calendar, a desk calendar for both the blind and the sighted. Spiral-bound with room for slate and stylus brailled notes as well as ordinary ones. By the National Library Service for the Blind and the Physically Handicapped, a division of the Library of Congress with the American Foundation for the Blind. $4.95.

POCKET DIARY, with information about the Metropolitan Museum's permanent collection and a section for addresses. The back holds jotter sheets and an inside pocket files them. Black leather cover with gold finished metal corners. With 100 jotter sheets. $25. Metropolitan Museum of Art.See FORM, Page 2, Col. 1 FORM, From Page 1

MARJORIE HOLMES CALENDAR OF LOVE AND INSPIRATION, with illustrations by Mona Mark. Thoughts for every week. $8.95. Doubleday & Co.

THE OFFICAL PREPPY DESK DIARY (subtitled "Look, Muffy, a calendar for us") with a tartan cover, of course. No self-respecting prep could be without it. Each day has a line for notes on who you want to call and write to and play tennis, drink and eat dinner with. Social notes are from all over. The recipe for a hangover turns out to be a martini. Historical dates include Sept. 25, 1977, when women were admitted to Dartmouth. $5.95. Workman Publishing.

THE 365 BIBLE VERSES A YEAR CALENDAR. All, thankfully, from the King James version, making a joyful noise to the Lord. $5.95. Workman Publishing.

THE 365 NEW-WORDS-A-YEAR Calendar. Anyone for kerf? $5.95. Workman.

MARGARET SHEPHERD'S CALLIGRAPHY write-on wall calendar with a wise thought of writing per day. "Talent isn't genius and no matter of energy can make it so" -- Louisa May Alcott. $6.95. A Wideview Book, a division of Pei Books.

The Art Calendar

THE NATIONAL GALLERY: Though this is not a theme calendar, most, though not all, of the illustrations are paintings of wispy women by Claude Monet, Pierre Bonnard, James McNeil Whistler, among others. $6.

VISION AND FANTASY, compiled by Cathy Gebhard of the National Gallery of Art. "In this compendium of fantastic images from the gallery's collection there are dragons, too, as well as other wondrous beasts and extraordinary scenes," writes J. Carter Brown, director of the National Gallery. $4.95.

SMITHSONIAN POCKET CALENDAR, 13 color illustrations, stitched binding, ribbon marker. $8.95. Universe.

THE WILD POPPIES, Matisse's color cutouts of fantastic vivid shapes, from the Detroit Institute of Art. The shape, roughly like a scroll, is as wild as the poppies, 59-by-20 inches. $10. Universe.

THE SEASONED EYE: A wall calendar with write-in boxes. From the wise years of 11 artists from the National Museum of American Art, including Washington's own Alma Thomas, keeping company with Georgia O'Keefe, Gilbert Stuart and Childe Hassam, among others. $6.95. Universe.

PASTTIMES FROM TIMES PAST. A wall calendar from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In Japan, according to a woodblock stationed at January, the snowballs are carved into the likeness of temple dogs. In March, Paul Cezanne's "Card Players" try their luck. And in ancient Egypt, Nafertari played at a game called Senet. And so the days passed. $6.95.

TWENTIETH CENTURY VISIONS, an engagement calendar from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. With 52 illustrations from Matisse to Riley, from 1903 to 1980. $8.95. Universe.

CELEBRATION: THE MASK. A wall engagement-calendar with ways to hide from Korea to Brazil, published as a part of the Renwick Gallery's soon-to-come Celebration show. $4.95. Enterprise Press.

THE ART OF UTAMARO, an engagement diary, from the Museum of Fine Arts/Boston. $7.95. Universe.

MOMENTS FROM A JAPANESE SKETCHBOOK. A poster page for every two months, reproduced from a Japanese album by Hokuga (Edo period). From the Freer Gallery of Art. $10. Universe.

EUGENE ATGET, a wall calendar of photographs by the French master from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, designed by Nora Sheehan. As John Szarkowski puts it, "It is rather as though the world itself were a finished work of art, coherent, surprising and well constructed from any possible vantage point, and Atget's photographs of it no more than a natural and sweet-minded payment of homage." Museum of Modern Art. $10 for nonmembers, $7.50 for members, plus $1.50 for postage and handling.

ADDRESS BOOK BY ERTE, 26 color plates of the alphabet as fashioned out of the human body by the master of fantastic sensuality. Black lexide cover, gift boxed. $17.50.

THE WATERFALLS OF JAPAN, a wall calendar of two each of woodblock prints from the great 19th century Ukiyo-e period artists: Hiroshige, Hokusai and Eisen, all from the Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Mass. Frame them for '83. $10. Universe.

AMERICAN VISION. A 15 1/2-by-14 1/4-inch wall calendar with an eclectic selection from American museums, from Winslow Homer's nostalgic boys in a boat to Andy Warhol. $10. Universe.

TO EACH HER OWN: IMAGES OF WOMEN IN ART, a wall calendar with paintings from the Art Institute of Chicago -- Mary Cassatt to Picasso, the many ways of women and painters. $10.

SIX WASHINGTON PHOTOGRAPHERS: Steve Szabo, Ann Zelle, Mark Power, Frank DiPerna, David Allison, Claudia Smigrod, edited and published by Kathleen Ewing Gallery, 3243 P St. NW., printed by Anaconda Press using a 250-line duotone process. $9.50.


A PRIDE OF CATS, a wall calendar by Jean Moss. Fancy and sometimes fierce felines, from Hiroshige to Durer -- cat fanciers and fearers all. $5.95. Universe.

THE CAT CALENDAR, a reprint (reprint!) of the original 1977 B. K. Kliban drawings that started the whole thing. What a howl. Workman Publishing. $4.95.

THE OFFICIAL I HATE CATS (WALL) CALENDAR by Skip Morrow. Did Noah tow two cats behind the ark? This revisionist history of cat-hatred pictures the kitty as victim. $4.95. Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

Crafts & Nostalgia

WOLF CREEK PRINTERY. A wall calendar of country scenes printed from woodblock. Available locally from Appalachiana. $8.

AMERICAN FOLKLIFE. A portfolio of four separately bound units, each for three months, with 57 photographs from research projects by the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. $6.95.

AMERICAN FOLK ART ADDRESS BOOK, edited by Jean Lipman and Tom Armstrong of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Like all the Lipman books, this one is not only beautiful but full of good stories and information. Each example of folk art, quilts, blanket chests, decoys and paintings (all in color) is backed with a discussion of the artist. Clarkson N. Potter. $13.

CURRIER & IVES wall calendar. Boat races, horse matches and life before the atom bomb. Abbeville Press. $6.95.

OUT OF DOORS, an engagement calendar small enough to carry around, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With 19th-century photographs of American scenery. Cloth over boards with a ribbon bookmark. $6.95.

AMERICANA CALENDAR, wall calendar of paintings by Charles Wysokil. $7.95. Amcal Inc.


JACQUES COUSTEAU: THE OCEAN WORLD. A wall calendar with write-in blocks, edited by Edith Pavese. The polyps of soft coral in the Red Sea look like the most fanciful of Christmas decorations. Eleven more full-page illustrations from the book of the same name "unlock the secrets of the sea." Harry N. Abrams. $8.95.

THE ORGANIC GARDENING 1982 PLANNING GUIDE AND COUNTRY CALENDAR. By Sara Ebenreck. "Winter snow is nature's mulch," says the January note. Other nature admonishments continue through the year, along with phases of the moon and planting dates. The Earthman will be glad to note the herb and vegetable log. Spiral-bound for desk or hanging. $5.95. Rodale Press.

BIRDS, the Smithsonian engagement calendar. Photographs of objects depicting birds in the Smithsonian with appropriate words. "I shall not ask Jean Jacques Rousseau if birds confabulate or no." -- William Cowper. $6.95. Universe.

SHELLS, a stand-up desk calendar with mail-away post card pages, from the Museum of Natural History. $3.95.

LUNAR PHASE POSTER. For gardeners, werewolfs, the moon-mad, astronauts and lovers. Celestial Products, P.O. Box 801, Middleburg, Va. $5.

SIERRA CLUB WILDERNESS WALL CALENDAR, 14 color photographs. $6.95. Charles Scribner's Sons.

SIERRA CLUB WILDLIFE Calendar, 14 color photographs of animals from all over the world. $5.95. Scribner's.

SIERRA CLUB WILDERNESS Engagement calendar with 58 color photographs of the American wilderness. $6.95. Scribner's.

SIERRA CLUB TRAIL CALENDAR, 14 color outdoor action shots. $5.95. Scribner's.

WILDFLOWERS CALENDAR, wall calendar of photographs by Murray Alcosser. Magnificent color, which Alcosser produced in his delectable 1978 Sweets Calendar, is here employed for wildflowers. Workman Publishing. $7.95.

THE ORCHID CALENDAR, ARS FEMINA, wall calendar of paintings of the flower as a sex object by Sara Steele. $6.95.

KODAK DESK CALENDAR, a 128-page calendar and appointment book with information for photographers. $9.95. Kodak Publication.

ROBERT FROST, an engagement calendar of photographs by Dewitt Jones inspired by Frost's poetry. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. $8.95.

THE COUNTRY DIARY engagement calendar with bucolic drawings from Edith Holden's "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady." $9.95. Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

JOHN JAMES AUDUBON BIRDS OF AMERICA, an engagement book. Splendid color drawings by the master birdman. Abbeville Press. $6.95.

THE DAILY PLANET by Terry Reim, with daily sun and moon positions, historical facts, secrets of predicting the weather and a recap of the day John Lennon died. $3.95. THE DAILY PLANET, P.O. Box 1641, Boulder, Col. 80306.


AMERICAN INDIAN SOCIETY, drawings of nature from Indian communities. $4. Available from the society, 519 Fifth St. SE, Washington, D.C. 20003.

Performing Arts

TWELVE FILMS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD, The American Film Institute wall calendar with a place for notes, edited by Thomas Wiener. From "It Happened One Night" to "Citzen Kane," movies chosen for their shock value. $8 from the AFI, John F. Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C. 20566.

AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE DESK DIARY, photographs of the silver screen, actors' birthdays, notable dates in movie history and more, more. In the most handsome stitched black and silver binding of the season. $15.50. From AFI, John F. Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C. 20566.

BROADWAY MUSICALS, a wall calendar with photographs by Martha Swope and others. Text by Martin Gottfried. From "Cabaret" to the "Pirates of Penzance." Shall we dance? $8.95. Harry N. Abrams Inc.

DANCING TIMES: Tales and Legends in Dance by Nancy Reynolds. Photographs and engravings, from a hilarious 1906 picture of fat maidens in flowing costumes (oh, to have been alive when plumpness was seductive) to Rudolf Nureyev as Petrouchka. On your toes. $6.95. Universe.

THE MOVIE FAN'S CALENDAR. A bit of movie lore for everyday, a historic picture for every month. Consider Jan. 27: "First person to be named Worst Actress by the Harvard Lampoon is Norma Shearer." How dare they? $4.95. Universe.

For Children

THE 365 NEW WORDS A YEAR CALENDAR FOR KIDS, a wall calendar from abandon to whinny. A shoelace calendar. $6.95. Workman Publishing.

THE 365 JOKES PUNS & RIDDLES CALENDAR admits it's "dumber than ever." Who would disagree? $5.95. Workman Publishing.

THE TEDDY BEAR wall calendar by Peggy and Alan Bialosky. Together with rules for entering your bear for the 1983 calendar. Can you bear it? Workman Publishing. $5.95.

WALT DISNEY'S CLASSICS. A wall calendar edited by Darlene Geis. Pictures from 12 films. Harry N. Abrams. $7.95.

THE MISS PIGGY CALENDAR: Wall calendar of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy in "Great Lovers of the Silver Screen." Pigs is Pigs. $6.95. A Muppet Press/Alfred A. Knopf Production.

CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL CALENDAR, wall calendar by Tina Martin, illustrations by Annie Lunsford. Available at the Medical Center gift shop, 111 Michigan Ave. NW. $5.

GNOMES FOR ALL SEASONS. Wall calendar of photographs into which gnomes have unaccountably climbed. Along with this important word: a gnome's life span is 400 years and they only take off their caps to sleep and bathe, if then. Adapted from the book "Gnomes." Harry N. Abrams. $7.95.

SIERRA CLUB CALENDAR FOR YOUNG PEOPLE, for desk or wall, 14 color photos of animals with nature stories. $5.95. Scribner's.

THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS wall calendar with the classic illustrations by Michael Hague to Kenneth Grahame. The "travel, excitement and adventure boys" back in town. $6.95. Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

THE SESAME STREET STORYTIME CALENDAR, a write-on calendar picture book with the adventures of Jim Henson's Muppets illustrated by Michael J. Smollin. $4.95. Random House.

For Blacks

CALENDAR OF BLACK CHILDREN with photographs, poetry and historical dates. $4.50, from National Black Child Development Institute. 1463 Rhode Island Ave. N.W. Washington, D.C., 20005.

BLACK WOMEN: ACHIEVEMENT AGAINST THE ODDS, a forward-looking engagement calendar for both '82 and '83. $7.95. GMG Publishing. Available at Common Concerns, 1347 Connecticut Ave. NW. Washington, D.C. 20036.

Parents & Children

FATHER AND CHILD, LE PERE ET L'ENFANT, PADRE E HIJO -- the UNICEF engagement calendar with 67 photographs and trilingual appointment pages. $5. UNICEF.

THE PREGNANT WOMAN'S JOURNAL by Susan and John Hopkins. An engagement book of paintings of mothers and children and very practical information on the baby's prenatal development and postnatal needs. $4.95. Universe.


THE FOOD CALENDAR, compiled by Carol Schneider. Twelve delicious pictures with surprising recipes. Have some anise-flavored cashews? $6.95.

COOKIES engagement book. Delectables in charateristic poses. With recipes neatly in the back. Abbeville Press. $7.95.

Washington Area

THE STARWOOD CAPITAL CALENDAR. An engagement book with photography by Lelia Hendren of sights in Washington and environs. Starwood Associates. $7.50.

WASHINGTON, D.C. Handsome photographs of the city. Photri Calendars, Box 971, Alexandria, Va. 22313. $4.95.

VIRGINIA, photographs of that state, many by Everett Johnson, from Mabry Mill to Dulles Airport. Photri Calendars, Box 971, Alexandria, Va. $4.50.

WOMEN OF AMERICA: League of Women Voters of Montgomery County, Md. Inc. Information on registration and voting, as well as useful county numbers. $2.50 from the League office at 12216 Parklawn Dr., Rockville, Md. 20852. PEERLESS ROCKVILLE HISTORIC PRESERVATION LTD., 13-month calendars illustrated with historic buildings in pen and ink by Eric Mohn, including the brick and slate B&O railroad station saved by Peerless, and the art deco First National Bank. Peerless Rockville, Box 262, Rockville,Md. 20850, or call 762-0096.

ALEXANDRIA, drawings by Claire Alderks of 12 houses of worship in Alexandria, for the Senior Citizens Employment and Services of Alexandria Inc., 121 N. St. Asaph St., Alexandria. $5.


TRAVEL DIARY with color lithographs from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Burgundy leatherette. $6.95.

POTOMAC CHAPTER NATIONAL RAILWAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY RAILROAD CALENDAR with trains choo-chooing through the countryside. All aboard! $4.25 from the chapter, P.O. Box 235, Kensington, Md. 20895.


ADDRESSES, the National Trust for Historic Preservation address book uses 27 measured architectural drawings from the National Architectural and Engineering Records (including the Historic American Buildings Survey) of the Department of the Interior. Cliveden in Philadelphia to the Zuni Reservation, McKinley County, N. Mex., Lucy the Margate Elephant, Atlantic County, N.J. The best idea of the season for an address book, but lamentably the structures are not identified as to age and architect. Next year, perhaps. Black lexide cover. $10.

DECO AMERICA. National Trust for Historic Preservation engagement calendar showing fac,ades and details of great '20s and '30s buildings from New York to Albuquerque. $6.95. Universe.

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE APPOINTMENT CALENDAR. Nature as channeled by man. Black and white. $6.50. ASLA Calendars, Landscape Architecture Building, 1733 Connecticut Ave. NW. Washington, D.C. 20009.


A COLLECTOR'S ENGAGEMENT CALENDAR: WINTERTHUR MUSEUM AND GARDENS. Beautiful trees, a silver circular tray -- one of the largest made in colonial America -- the Montmorenci flying staircase decorated for Christmas and a year of other beauties. $8.95. Universe.


SAILING '82. Wall calendar of Eric Schweikardt's photographs of yacht racing. $10.95. Universe.

CUBE, a 5-by-5-by-5 inch box with two months on six sides, to be assembled. $3.95. Universe.

THE MACMILLAN BASEBALL CALENDAR. Photos and significant baseball events. Play Ball! $7.95 MacMillan Publishing Co.


THE NEBBISHES, by Herb Gardner, a wall calendar with engagement blocks. This one will work only if knowing someone worse-off makes you happier. Consider the man at the ruined columns who says "I'm either the first one here or the last one to leave." Workman Publishing Co. $4.95.

THE MONDAY HATERS CALENDAR. Twelve cartoons by T. Durfee showing the horrible things that happen on That Day. The calendar, of course, omits it.Bergthold, Fillhardt & Wright Inc., San Jose, Calif. 95113. $5.95.

THE YEAR ACCORDING TO STAMATY, the Village Voice calendar drawn by Mark Alan Stamaty. Enough said. $5.95. Village Voice, 842 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10003. Sex

A WOMAN LOOKS AT MEN'S BUNS "created and photographed" according to the cover, by Christie Jenkins. By "created" did she mean made? Even those of us who like to look at men may find this one too much. $5.95. Perigee Books, Putnam Publishing Group.

And a happy new year to you!