Fiduciary flurry at the White House. It started when Michael Deaver announced he can't possibly squeak by on $60,662, and must flit his post. In the New Volunteer Spirit, an aide scoured the White House mess for a pickle-type jar, slit a slot in the lid, hailed a calligrapher to pen a sign ("A Penny a Day Helps Deaver to Stay,"), and whisked it around among the biggies. The Prez's nice new personal secretary, Kathy Osborne, forked over the first penny. (Helene von Damm, his old secretaire, has begun beavering away in Personnel, you may not know. This is known as a Hard Gossip Nugget in a Soft Gossip Shell. Ear's specialite' de la maison.) Shirley Moore, Deaver's own sec, plastered on a "Save-a-Deaver" sign to go for the Bigger Bucks, perched the vessel on her desk, and awaited the avalanche. Big-bucks donor so far: Peter McCoy, who's fleeing for Commerce. (He, darlings, gave a crisp dollar bill, with "Bon Voyage" scribbled on it.) Mini-givers: Jim Baker, Ed Meese and the Prez, at a penny apiece. And Lyn Nofziger, who is splitting very soon to set up shop with another lawyer, keeps trying to shake pennies out. Ear will continue to wear its babushka backwards until this whole affair blows over.