The hallway passes for the crew that put together "Senior Trip!" -- the two-hour movie on Channel 9 tonight at 9 -- should be torn up.

Squeezed into a yellow school bus from a fictional Youngstown, Ohio, high school are a belching beer-slugger, a long-haired shapely beauty with a bad reputation, a studious type with engineering charts, two athletic sorts on the prowl for women, two kids with Broadway stars in their eyes and a teacher who whines and reminds them about "alcohol, drugs and sex." New York is their class trip destination, where the Big Apple's array of characters is waiting, including the exhibitionist who appears right after the line -- delivered as someone struggles with a camera -- "I hope the flash works this time."

Outline your favorite stereotype or real life teen-ager or New York pimp or gay gallery owner, and color in the plot.

Unfortunately, the closest "Senior Trip!" comes to a story is when Scott Baio of "Happy Days" tries to sell an electronics idea to a corporation, while at the same time hiding his hemophilia from his classmates, and when Denise, played by Faye Grant, has started to believe in her loose reputation. She visits a Youngstown alumnus who is now a call girl, and through a sexual encounter with another student realizes prostitution is not for her. The stars of the high school musical manage to meet Mickey Rooney, who plays himself and offers some encouragement.

The "Senior Trip!" creators should be sent to the detention hall.