Well, did you like 1981?

Happy to see it leave?

Don't get too happy -- we may all be wishing for "good old 1981" before 1982 is over.

This year's problems will partly stem from eclipses: Seven solar and lunar eclipses occur in 1982. Eclipses have alway been "triggers" of action, and there's no reason to believe that the same won't hold true this year.

The last time we saw seven eclipses in one year was 1935 -- the year Hitler occupied the Saar and, on the other end of the Axis, the Italians invaded Ethiopia. Those were the opening salvos of World War II.

Now we'll have another year of seven, and look out, World.

First of all, I don't look for THE ECONOMY to get much better until late fall.

We appear to be in for a wave of strikes and labor unrest. The unemployment picture is so grim that we could well see the return of bread lines and soup kitchens.

Even the stock market won't be spared. There will be flurries of activity early in the year, but by midsummer world events will cause panic buying and selling as we see a mounting distrust for long-term investments.

The rest of the world also looks pretty rotten in 1982.

For everything SOUTH OF US -- Central America, South America, the Carribbean -- the situation looks dangerous:

Starting early in the year the civil strife in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica can come to a head; those governments could fall and a strong shift to the left occur.

Look for Cuba's elite troops to become involved by spring as Fidel Castro tries to cover up problems in his country with military action. This kind of action is especially dangerous since things don't look all that good for Cuba and Castro, either.

In EUROPE, the upheaval in Poland will spread westward, into East Germany, putting severe pressure on the Soviet Union. Expect the Soviets also to have problems from within, ranging from growth of western cultural ideas to an upsurge in religion, that could force the Communist leaders to take strong, even violent action.

Oil and energy still present the major threat to the world, heightened as the Soviets try to establish a foothold in Mexico and Venezuela.

Then the political bickering in CANADA between provincial and federal governments could boil up. In fact, we will hear talk of boycott, partition and even secession. Late in the year, at the time of an eclipse, there might be riots and federal troop action, particularly in western Canada.

We'll also be hearing of KOREA this year. There's danger coming, perhaps at the time of a lunar eclipse. There can be gunfire along the 38th parallel once more.

Still, it's in THE MIDDLE EAST that we must protect against Armageddon, and the death of Sadat will cause such instability that the entire region could blow up several ways.

The battle for political supremacy will be joined as the Saudis take on Muammar Qaddafi. They will try to convince the world of his irresponsibility, and he could reply with force.

Two Middle Eastern leaders may not survive the year; certainly there will be changes of government in their countries.

Still another threat will be the reaction of the oil-producing nations to the development of a totally efficient high-voltage storage battery, which could bring the popularization of electric cars by the end of the decade, and reduce the need for oil.

Watch for major TRANSPORTATION problems; indications point toward a series of train wrecks out west and a massive plane crash in Eastern Europe or the Soviet Union.

Even THE WEATHER looks bad. Major snowstorms into the late spring will isolate entire communities and slow industry down. Look for a year of record hurricanes. At least two will hit the U.S.

Can we expect nothing good all year?


The ENTERTAINMENT AND BEAUTY business will flourish. People will flock to see a series of high-rated films, and made-for-TV musicals will be smash hits.

This will be a record growing year for AGRICULTURE--especially for soybeans and pears. Home gardens will flourish, so stake one out early.

In MEDICINE, look for a "miracle" surgical procedure to aid in many kinds of deafness.

And, as always, each individual can gain happiness if he studies his stars.

ARIES (March 21- April 19)

For Aries, the year starts slowly but gets better as it goes.

In the beginning, you're down. Your whole life is sluggish and you must be very careful not to offend close friends and relatives. Damage done now could be long-lasting.

As winter wanes, some unexpected social functions snap you out of the doldrums. A romantic encounter could be the start of a long and important friendship.

By late spring money matters improve. A long-term investment that you had grave doubts about will begin to show results. Your cash flow will increase. But this is also a period in which you could overspend. You tend to want to "keep up" with spendthrifts around you.

You may be offered one of those special "tips" to make lots of money, but check it carefully. You find you'd be making a killing at the expense of someone you care for.

By summer, you should look to revitalizing property and redecorating your home. Think things out and plan well; get professional advice but don't be rushed into anything.

In late summer and early fall, your social life increases. You'll find yourself in great demand, meeting all kinds of new people and going off in directions that are very new to you. You'll find yourself liking the appreciation you get.

But once you've had a taste of this, and the weather starts to get chilly, pull in the reins and control your tendency to overdo. Be careful of respiratory problems: A simple cold could turn into something much worse.

Be especially careful of travel in the late fall, when you're tired and subject to accidents.

As the year ends, you should settle down, be calm and take advantage of good things that should be yours.

You enter a period of movement, trust and extra special relationships. You must be willing to trust close friends, and not be poisoned by innuendo. You must be scrupulously honest in all business dealings. Avoid being in the middle of a professional power play and show that you can be just, fair and a leader.

All the while, keep your personal relationships alive and social function moving. Keep your dignity and good humor, and nod appreciativly from time to time.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

For Taureans, the key to success in 1982 is stability.

It's more important that you use that true Taurean control this year than in many past years. No matter how smooth things seem to be going at any given time, you will constantly be beset with nagging worries, insipid inquiries and an uncharacteristic nervousness.

The first part of the year finds you tense. You're worried about money and your health and are unwilling to cope with people around you who are constantly sniping. Stay calm, be strong and control yourself and your future.

In late winter, even though you are asked, you should avoid politics at any level, from that minor power play at the office to a community political action. Don't take sides, but if your advice is asked for, give it. Use your ability to stabilize a volitile situation.

During the spring, avoid wild schemes and wild friends. This is the spot for you to review any planned expenditures and be extremely conservative in fiscal decisions.

In the late spring, all of the summer and into the fall, you have to take a long look at your health. This is the most important consideration for you this entire year.

If you have neglected yourself, you must now summon the ambition and desire to do some long-range health planning. But don't let yourself be drawn into some wild health scheme. Crash diets and extreme health regimens are out. Don't do anything cold-turkey -- taper off. If you begin an exercise program, start slowly and build up your strength gradually.

Even with this care, the end of the summer can bring serious fatigue and over-exertion. It's also important that you avoid excesses in food and drink. Pace yourself. By winter, your program can show results. Be patient.

While all this is going on, you should put your trust in financial friends and advisers.

Listen to the conservative ones and avoid being involved with get-rich-quick schemes. Your way to financial success this year is through slow and steady action.

Your social life follows the same pattern. Elect to be with those who are calm. Try to avoid the wilder parties, since they will not only bore you, but irritate you and force you off your health program.

By year's end you will be smiling. Health better, look for big things on the job in 1983.

GEMINI (May 21- June 20)

Versatile Geminis, there are some boring times in store for you this year.

For the first time in years, you've been thinking about some serious New Year's resolutions, and if you are mature enough to get them started you'll be delighted to see how well they stay with you.

But don't procrastinate! Making these resolutions work can set the temper of the entire year for you. They can give you a stability you're not used to and really need.

You'll be involved in ups and downs, successes and failures and comings and goings that can strain even someone as adaptable as you.

During the early part of the year, while you try to maintain that maturity, look for advice from someone older, or certainly more experienced, who can help you with practical, day-to-day things.

Calmness and self control get their first big test before spring. An explosive and unexpected situation arises on your job. You might be passed over for promotion or, worse, be moved to a lesser job. Hang on. Cool your feelings. If you blow off steam you'll find yourself cooked.

This is what you're going to be doing all year, and the quicker you learn control, the better events become.

The spring is the start of a definite upward swing. You feel good and your ideas gain attention and acceptance.

Your social life improves and you find yourself more and more in the company of people you like. The witty and wealthy seek you out. Go along with them. Overcome your shyness, but don't overreact.

By late spring you should be aware of improvements. Your health will be better and you will be worrying less. This is the time to get started on a steady and reasonable exercise program.

In summer, you zip into high gear. Things on the job are good, and you should take a summer vacation. Go for a series of short trips. A long journey would just get boring for you.

This is also the time for creative financial thinking. It's vital, however, that you execute these plans alone. Taking on a partner, even a silent one, is not a good idea now.

Fall is a period of great activity. The strength you have been building serves you well. Be strong enough to give ground and compromise when a family crisis arises. Don't be petulant.

All sorts of projects are thrown at you at year's end, so be prepared for anything.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)

For Cancer, 1982 is a year based on relationships.

Everything you do will be involved with other people. At home, at work or even in recreation, you will constantly be "playing off" against someone, supporting someone else, or finding yourself in the middle of a crowd.

The year opens on a strong business note. Be resolute and direct. Deal with an enthusiasm that can show what a leader you are.

There is a problem on your occupational horizon. Your professional life might well be jarred by an incident in your personal life. The people you deal with in both these spheres are different and both tend to be headstrong. Further, they come to dislike each other. Be diplomatic but firm. Your professional life must take precedence, at least till spring.

Late winter brings advice from a "nonfinancial" friend that can bring fine financial rewards. You can turn his conservative plan into a creative money-maker. Tie it together with something you considered doing for a long time. It will work now.

In the spring, social functions, some combined with the duties of your job, cause some conflict. Make the best of things here, and don't show disdain or boredom.

By the end of spring, you'll meet some new and unusual people. Intrigue enters the picture, so stay alert.

As summer begins, beware of travel. Be especially careful when driving, since both you and your car seem to attract bad drivers. Further, this is not the time to buy a new car. Wait at least till the winter.

The summer also brings stepped-up social activity, and declining business dealings. You enter still another circle of friends and learn a lot. The exchange of ideas will be pleasant for you.

Summer, too, is a time for lasting friendships and romance. Relationships formed now will be lasting and rewarding.

Fall starts an upswing for you. You're ready to take on the world -- just don't take on your friends.

Things at home get better now. Bickering and nagging can be ended if you apply equal doses of love and logic. Make a special effort with a daughter or a sister and a long-standing disagreement can be resolved.

There is potential for career improvement now, but you must be strong and firm in decisions. There's no place at your job for emotion at this time.

The year closes on a good note. You are creative and should concentrate on unique, not necessarily expensive, gifts for close friends. Don't be garish or flamboyant in dress or actions at this time.

LEO (July 23-August 22)

This is the year for Leos to roar. The year begins with a scream and progresses from there.

First off, It's a great time for your love life. There's nothing you need to hide, so speak up and let the object of your affection know where you stand. Entertain -- even lavishly -- but don't do it at home. Go out and trip the light fantastic.

Even as the winter ends, you feel as though your strength is that of ten. Your job is going well. Be frank and sincere and the promotion you're in line for will come through. In fact, things are running so well that those around you will fawn and be more than willing to accord respect.

This is also a time of good luck and supreme self-confidence. Games of chance and contests are your meat now, and you astound others with your ability to win -- especially with electronic games.

With the arrival of spring, you begin a period of emotional calm and control. Spend time with very special friends, and provide them comfort.

As the days get warmer, your pace gets faster. You now have the capacity to get a bundle of things done, so jump in and clean up any projects that have been pending.

You'll find the time and the ability.

The danger is that you may become abrupt with people you feel are not performing up to standard. Careful! Your standards are too high for most people.

In summer, romance is in the picture. Be outspoken and fair, and don't get involved with anyone who can tarnish your reputation.

You'll find that many of your summer activities will be most rewarding in the company of others. Short, spur-of-the-moment vacations will suit you best -- especially those taken in the company of a few good friends. If you can't travel, take advantage of local recreations -- amateur ballgames, outdoor parties or just sunbathing in the back yard with the telephone cut off.

As summer wanes, turn somewhat introspective. Check your priorities and recognize those who depend on you.

As winter comes, good fortune continues. Special recognition and reward come to you in your job. An investment made earlier will begin to pay off now.

Treat yourself to some luxuries, but it's important that you share a windfall with a favorite charity.

At year's end don't be overconfident or cocky. Ride the tide into 1983.

VIRGO (August 23--September 22)

For Virgo, this is a year of mind over matter.

You should be able to think your way out of trouble, but if you let things bother you too much, you can make yourself sick.

During the first part of the new year, expect some problems at home. They will be tough ones, not of your own making, and must be handled gently and without rancor. Once you have solved this crisis, you'll be in good shape for the rest of the winter.

Entertain in your home, but plan carefully and assemble the right groups. Incompatability between guests can explode and cause embarrassment or even reputation problems.

This is a good time to pick up on a plan you formulated last summer, especially one that could make your property more valuable. Choose a conservative contractor to help.

The beginning of spring finds you in conflict at your job. There is a tendency for you to be a little paranoid and believe people are plotting against you. Be very careful that you don't jump to conclusions. A big mouth can cause bad times.

Late spring finds you quiet and introspective. You seek to be alone and to try to think things out. This will pay dividends, but should be restricted to short periods. In fact, you will find most unexpected people coming to you for a chat. Exercise great patience as you advise.

Early summer brings a further easing of mental tensions. Along with this, you feel better physically. Intellectual exercises are favored. You suffer some with a lack of self- confidence, but you must shake this off.

During the "dog days," you're in for some financial problems. Something unexpected in your job will block your steady advance. A promised raise will not come through, so don't overplan or overbuget. This need not be the end of the world or your job. Curb your quick tongue, don't pout or fret.

As soon as the weather cools off, treat yourself to a short vacation. Try to put yourself in a natural setting -- remove yourself from glass and concrete.

Mind and battery re-charged, you'll find the winter better. There will be a wealth of social invitations. Choose your acceptances carefully so that you don't overextend.

Winter brings best financial results. You might receive a legacy or succeed in a speculative venture. You will have more money than you expected to have at this time. But by year's end, settle down. Concentrate on practical and real things.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

In 1982 the scales of Libra swing erratically, from dull, boring and depressing to super highs of initiative, success and fun.

Both extremes could prove disastrous. Be firm, resolute and calm. Don't split your forces or go off on crazy tangents: Take the middle ground.

During the early part of the year you'll be on the down side. You become sarcastic and even crude. People around you are disappointed and if you bad-mouth them too much they will walk away from you -- perhaps forever. You must take double care not to hurt one close to you.

With the coming of spring, however, the scales begin a major shift.

You find yourself with lots of energy and ambition and searching for the proper outlets. Get out and meet new people. Look to a close friend away from your business for introductions to new folks.

Entertain at home. Your new friends will appreciate your ideas of design and a new friend will present an idea that will be an aid to your career. This is the one time this year that business and pleasure can mix.

During the summer, the scales stay up, but don't get overconfident. Keep your wits about you and keep to that middle ground.

It's important, too, that during the summer you hold your tongue. Don't play games with words around the job, or you will be misunderstood. Don't be afraid to teach a rising cowoeker now.

By summer's end, the scales have drifted downward again. Don't blame others when you're taken to task for a mistake in your job. Instead, take the conservative way and don't overreact. Rebuild.

Don't overdo in recreation or exercise. A winter vacation will be better, and you'll find exercise boring now.

Watch your diet carefully, this is a good time to get yourself on a conservative regimen, but under no circumstances should you consider any sort of fad diet.

A winter day will bring the opportunity to make some money. Be alert. You should receive several offers to invest; weigh them carefully and avoid extremes.

You will be asked to make a public appearence at this time. Do it. Mingle with large crowds and find yourself appreciated. You'll find that your social life dominates business.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)

Stand firm, Scorpio.

There are some clouds in your sky for 1982.

In fact, even their silver lining will be tarnished.

Your loyalty will be questioned, your efficiency doubted and your ideas scoffed at. But persevere. You have the strength to overcome all of this.

During the first part of the year, remain quiet, soft-spoken and observant. Concentrate on doing a good job at work. Your efforts will be under review later. Don't be afraid to put in some extra hours; it may help impress the right people.

Take the advice of an older or more experienced person. They won't offer it, so seek someone out. It's to your advantage.

Take a hard look at the physical strength of your home. You may discover some hidden defect. Take care of it immediately. Interior decorating is also now in order. Don't do it yourself. Find someone who can do it for you, but don't overspend.

Spring is an "iffy" time. You have difficulty making up your mind, and you find yourself losing interest in things that are important. Shake free and get to work.

Use your creative mind to discover a new way of doing your job. Most important, don't be afraid to suggest it. It will work.

Warmer days bring better times.

A chance meeting with an old friend can rekindle romance. If you wish it to succeed, don't dwell on the past. Show how worthwhile you are now.

Time now to stand firm against opposition at home or on the job.

There will be a temptation to be vicious and a desire to "pay back" past unkindness, but back off. Revenge is not your prerogative.

Midsummer will find you in the midst of a social whirl, perhaps with that new romance. Mix pleasure with a business activity, such as a company picnic or outing. Then, if your work schedule will allow, plan a traveling vacation in late summer. It will prove to be a good one.

Fall is the time for you to slow down and to think and act carefully.

Make long-range plans for your career, and be prepared to handle confrontations, which will surely arise. Anger now can do permanent damage.

Winter is the time to guard your health. The strain of the events of the fall will sap your strength and your will. Don't listen to any strange schemes or promotions.

Limit your social activities and get some rest. Go your own way, heed your own counsel, and counsel yourself in the ways of tradition.

By year's end, things begin to look up.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22- December 21)

For Sagittarians, 1982 is a year of movement. You will have to keep going in order to achieve anything.

You must not allow yourself to be sloppy in thought. Channel your activities: Plan before you act, but have confidence in your first thoughts.

Don't belabor an idea; don't constantly re- examine things.

Act! At year's beginning, you will be called upon to help someone make an important money decision about home matters. Examine the property, make up your mind and move quickly.

Winter is the time for redecorating at home. You need to keep busy. This is also a time to look for bargains in things you want for your home. Buy some small furniture, wall covering or door locks. Save major appliance purchases until fall.

Spring will bring some frustrations, so stay light on your feet.

You'll find some obstacles on the job, and an unexpected attack on you brings disfavor and will cause cancellatin of a pet project. Don't blow your top, Keep moving; don't give anyone a good target.

Watch your spending now, Even on home projects, back off a little. This is the time for you to enter into a partnership. You need someone to share the responsibility, planning and costs of a project you have in mink.

Late spring and early summer brings activity in your family life. You have been neglecting them and now is the time to change that. Help a son or a younger brother to make a decision about education.

The summer will find you becoming a mobile consultation service. Friends will call on you for advice. You'll find yourself counseling one person on romance, another on business and still another on children.

Problems will ease on the job now and you regain favor by having answers to all sorts of problems.

Fall is the time to solidify your gains. Don't settle down, but stay with the tried and true. Time for experimentation is over.

Winter brings activity in romantic matters. Buy a gift for an old love and don't pay too much attention to convention. Your social activities are at a peak now and you'll be in great demand.

At year's end, attend those social events that are job-related. Get that exercise program going and jog, gently, into the new year.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)

For Capricorns, this year is going to be more unstable then you'd like.

You prefer to stay on top of all situations, and this year you won't be able to. Make up your mind early that you must shift with the tides, and things won't be as bad.

Early on, a quiet period is interrupted by a sudden change on the job. It might be billed as a promotion, but you'll be upset by the suddenness of the change. Settle down quickly or you'll lose the advancement.

The entire winter, in fact, is a time for you to avoid the outlandish and remain somewhat conservative, even though this goes against your grain. Take time to listen to the advice of an older Aquarian woman whose opinion you respect.

Money problems dampen your spirit in late winter and early spring. You'll find yourself overextended and lacking a financial direction. Draw back until summer.

Generally, things are kind of boring for you in the spring. Part of this is because of your health. You may suffer with back and shoulder problems that can restrict your movements for a while. You will also be fighting something addictive and this can make for considerable tension. This would be the best time for you to take a vacation. Make it leisurely and comfortable.

Summer brings some relief. Your health improves and you'll be happy to pick up on a project at home. Try some gardening. Doing landscaping design will help bring order to your now somewhat confused life.

You really should plan on spending as much time at home as possible during the summer. This seems the place where you're strongest. Expand your project into wall papering and painting. Watch that back.

Pick up on a craft hobby you once enjoyed. Photography will satisfy you, as will word games and leathercraft.

Fall sees you perking up. Stay on routines and keep things at home stable. Money matters come together and that worry eases. Your job will pose some problems, since someone you work for will accuse you of malingering. Hold your tongue; you argue -- you lose.

During the winter, you'll make some new friends. They can help you with career problems. Avoid recriminations and find solutions. By year's end the hostility will ease.

Ease up on your social life during the cold weather, and spend all the time necessary on your job.

Look for a visit from someone from a distant place. This can bring great joy.

You'll find time to be calm, quiet and alone. Take advantage of it.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18)

Aquarians should prepare for a year of hard work.

Any sustained periods of inactivity and laziness can only cause problems.

At year's beginning, most of your time and interests are centered on your job. Conditions are good for career advancement but you must not be taken in by a "perfect" offer. Study plans you have, compare them to your employer's plans, then make careful decisions.

Keep calm, don't get upset if you find yourself being criticized by someone you had trusted. If you throw a tantrum, you'll only be hurting yourself.

Be careful with your money now. There will be a tendency for you to overspend all winter, especially on luxury items.

Spring is the time for you to consider education opportunities. If you didn't get the chance to take the refresher course you wanted to last year, plan for it now.

You'll be asked to speak at a nearby university and should do it, even though it may be somewhat inconvenient. During the late spring your life can be touched by someone in the publishing business or an event regarding law. You will be called on to review some controversial treatise. Do it, but use the utmost care. Your opinions will come under serious attack.

As summer comes, think about finances. You will be offered some advice by a friend that can help you a great deal.

Summer also brings a crisis on the job. You will have to fill in for someone in high authority. The move should prove successful and show off your leadership. The summer also brings some job-related travel; expand such a trip into a vacation.

At the end of the summer emotional flare- ups can bring you down. Old friends can get on your nerves, but back away; don't get nasty.

Look for a visit from a person from far away, perhaps overseas. Be hospitable, but don't let him or her sell you any wild schemes.

Winter is also the time for you to be careful with your health. Consult your doctor about your diet and do what he says. Avoid extremes in exercise at all costs. Be wary of ice and snow, since a fall could cause serious injury to your legs.

This is the time to get a plan for home redecoration under way. Don't do things too quickly. Shop for bargains and extend the work on into the new year.

Entertain during the holidays. Invite friends to your home and use the time to pay off social obligations.

PISCES (February 19-March 20)

Piscians should do pretty well in 1982.

There are no super highs on the horizon, but, happily, neither are there super lows. The key to your sucess is to be captain of your fate and control all situations.

The year starts on an up note. An investment made long ago might now begin to pay off. News of a will you knew nothing about will reach you and the bounty it brings will be a great assistance.

Keep busy all winter. Finish up a project you've been working on in 1981, then put home repairs and redoracting aside until late fall.

On the job you will be pushed into a bad position. You'll be forced to take on several other jobs, lesser than your own. Don't let this annouyance get the best of you. Show how talented you are. It won't go unnoticed.

In spring, tensions build. Yhe is the lowest point of the year for you. Concentrate on doing things correctly and calmly. This is not the time for social functions. You need to spend tour off time alone. Take the opportunity to rethink your job situation and your general lifestyle.

Late spring could bring emotional confrontations with family members. You find them objecting to your ideas, especially those on finance. Keep those problems out in the open. To hold in your feelings will bring depression and ill health.

Look for a new doctor. Try to find one who is young and employs the newest, most up-to-date methods. He can help you with wrist or elbow trouble. Get plenty of rest; you'll tire easily.

Summer brings the easing of some problems. It'a a good time for romance and a Sagittarian can bring you great happiness. On the job, tackle those tough situations that will arise.

You must assume leadership, even though you might not want to. Skirt emotional problems on the job, since they can't be resolved now. Be prepared to work extr ahours all summer.

Late summer is the time for you to get bback to an intellectual hobby. Antique jewlry and ceramics will catch your fancy.

When fall comes, take time off from work and do some fixing up of furniture at home. It's also a good time to frame and hang pictures and mirrors.

During the winter, think things out clearly and regain your self-confidence. As always, you eill prefer to be alone a lot, but don't slight good friends.

Try to get outside for some exercise. The fresh air will clear your head. Be conservative in diet and don't overindulge.