The Old Boy Network's hugging itself with joy. Here's an Invite to "a reception in honor of persons in the Executive Branch of the Government appointed by President Reagan who are alumni of Harvard University." It's tossed by Old Harvard Boys Cap Weinberger (Mr. Secretary of Defense to you) and Dick Kennedy (Mr. Under Secretary of State for Management, if he's listening.) You see, darlings, there are suddenly more than 40 frisky Former Harvardeers at the Top, right here. Try these on for starters: Dave Gergen, White House Communicator, and Dick Darman, edging up fast on the Inside Track; Dave Stockman, chatty budgetmeister; Attorney Gen Bill French Smith; TreasurySec Don Regan; TranspoSec Drew Lewis; Paul Volcker, Chairman of the Fed; John Shad (who hired the Salvation Army Quartet, above, and receives today's Double-Ear Mention Button with Hallelujah Cluster); Export-Import Bank Prez William Draper III; NASA Administrator Jim Beggs, and others too long to mention. Everyone's grinning and rubbing his hands, of course, remembering how Jimmy Carter mislaid all his Harvard Heavies after Communing with his Conscience at Camp David. (Remember Joe Califano, Brock Adams, and Jim Schlesinger?) Lone Belle among the New Old Boys above: Liddy Hanford Dole, Presidential Assistant Extraordinaire. The beanfeast will cost guests $50 or $100 a toss, depending on how Sincere they are. (Cash for Scholarships, natch. Where do you suppose the next Harvardites are coming from?) Most fun of all, it'll be in the John Quincy Adams room at the State Department, seeing as how John was a Harvard Boy too. Trumpets the Invite: "There may be metal detectors at the entrance." A sure sign of a Good Time, nowadays. Ear went to Harvard once, and bought a T-shirt. Friday: The Ivied Ear.