You fell down and bumped your chin; someone in the lift line poked you; you got cut off, swerved and knocked the combs off a pine tree. It all hurts.

Wild boars darted from the woods and chased you down. One gored you in the legs and groin. You needed 50 stitches. And brother did that ever hurt.

Seriously. Aurelio Cosa, 27, a cross- country skier in the Italian Alps, was attacked this week before he could fend the animals off with skis and ski poles.

Local officials said heavy snows have made the foraging difficult for the boars. So there is such a thing as too much snow.

BIG BOULDER -- Lake Harmony, Pa., 225 miles. Most ski areas in the region received only flurries during the past week. No new snow is reported here. Base receded six inches, 18 to 30 inches. Machine-, packed-powder surface. Four lifts and all 10 trails are open. Night skiing until 10. Vertical drop, 475f. 717/722-0104.

BLUE KNOB -- Claysburg, Pa., 150 miles. Mambo Alley, Bunnyhop, Upper 66 and the beginners' slopes are open. Spokesman calls conditions very good. Base, 12 to 20 inches. Granular surface. Four trails, two lifts and two platter pulls are in operation. Vertical drop, 1,052f. Night skiing 6 till 10. 800/458-3403.

BRYCE -- Bayse, Va., 120 miles. Base, 0 to 20 inches. Watch for thin or bare spots. Redeye, Bootlegger and Revenuer open. Two double chairs and two rope tows in operation. Night skiing from 6:30 till 10. 703/856-2121.

CAMELBACK -- Tannersville, Pa., 230 miles. The base dropped slightly this week, 18 to 36 inches. Surface shifted from granular to machine powder. Nineteen of 22 trails open, 10 lifts working. Night skiing 5 to 10. Vertical drop, 800f. 717/629-1661.

ELK MOUNTAIN -- Union Dale, Pa., 270 miles. Flurries. No change in the base from last week, 18 to 30 inches. Granular surface. Ice alert. Eleven trails are open, with four or five lifts. Night skiing every day but Sunday, 4:30 to 10. Vertical drop, 1,100f. 800/679-2611.

HIDDEN VALLEY -- Somerset, Pa., 191 miles. Four to six inches of machine-made new snow. Surface is machine-mixed granular. Base, 10 to 24 inches. One chair and one rope functioning. Vertical drop, 400 feet. 814/443-1414.

JACK FROST -- White Haven, Pa., 250 miles. No new snow. Base, 18 to 40 inches. Combination of machine powder and granular surface. Twelve trails and four lifts open. "The cross-country trails are not the in the best condition," said a spokesman. No night skiing. Vertical drop, 500f. 717/443-8425.

LAUREL MOUNTAIN -- Boswell, Pa., 190 miles. It's been warm and rainy, but colder weather is expected. Zero to 40 inches of machine-made snow. Granular surface. Five trails and two lifts open. Night skiing, 4:30 to 10:30. 412/238-6688.

SEVEN SPRINGS -- Champion, Pa., 190 miles. Base, two to 30 inches in machine-made areas, one to eight on natural. Thin spots. Surface is packed powder and granular. Sixteen trails and up to seven lifts open. Vertical drop, 997f. 814/352-7777.

SKI LIBERTY -- Fairfield, Pa., 65 miles. Blowing lots of man-made snow. Base varies, 10 to 18 on most slopes. Granular surface. Ten trails and four lifts open, including a new quad. Night skiing from 5 to 10. Vertical drop, 575f. 717/642- 8282.

SNOWSHOE -- Snowshoe, W.Va., 245 miles. Four to six inches of man-made flakes. Lower Cup Run, on the sunny side of the mountain, is still closed. Base, 28 to 35 inches. Machine-made packed-powder surface. Eighteen of 23 trails and five lifts are open. No night skiing. Vertical drop, 1,500f. 304/799-6630.

WINTERGREEN -- Wintergreen, Va., 168 miles. Groomed, machine surface. Base, 18 to 42. Machine-worked, granular surface. 51/2 trails and three chairs are open. Night skiing Tuesday through Sunday from 7 to 11. Vertical drop, 525f. 804/325-2200.

WISP -- Oakland, Md., 185 miles. This is the only resort to report fresh, natural snow, a whole inch. Base, six to 30 inches. Groomed and loose granular surface. Sixteen trails and five lifts open. Night skiing Tuesday through Friday, 6 to 10. Vertical drop, 610 F. 800/638-1070.