No doubt you have heard of the Irish Rubik's cube, which is all green, and probably of the Irish motorist who was relieved when a policeman stopped him to tell him his wife had fallen out of the car 10 miles back. "Thanks be to God," he said, "I thought I'd gone deaf."

This kind of wit (as delivered by Chris Curran) was only part of the attraction in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall last night when Jury's Irish Cabaret of Dublin played to a near-capacity audience. Tears rose to eyelids as Theresa O'Dwyer sang "Danny Boy," nearly everyone sang along in "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" and it was easy to enjoy "Galway Bay" (though, truth to tell, the song is about as Irish as those green bagels we see around mid-March), because Michael O'Day, who sang it, is a true Irish tenor.

There were problems in the show -- a packaging that was sometimes bland, voices that were not always comfortable with the sound system in a hall that should not need one, and harps that were drowned out by the piano. But at its worst the show was thoroughly professional and at its best -- in the instrumental work of the four Crowley Sisters and the nimble, precisely coordinated stepping of the Inis Ealga Dancers -- it was splendid.