Washington department stores, sports stores, ski shops and speciality boutiques carry the range of winter underwear, from classic to zany.

Some places to get the warm stuff:

Duofold -- Longies, crewneck tops, 2-button shirts and union suits in both light- and heavy-weight knits, $12.95 to $30. Carried by, among others: Eddie Bauer, Hudson Bay Outfitters, Appalachian Outfitters in Oakton, Herman's World of Sporting Goods, Britches Great Outdoors, Hecht's, Irving's Sports Shops, Raleigh's, Woodward & Lothrop, The Ski Haus in Rockville.

Synthetics and Synthetic Blends -- Polypropylene, $14.50 to $19.50. Some of the more popular brands: Lifa, at Moss Brown and Appalachian Outfitters; Polypro by SXC, at Hudson Bay Outfitters; Allen-A, at The Ski Chalet in Arlington; Sunbuster Sports Underwear, at Eddie Bauer and Normark at Appalachian Outfitters. Ski Skins from Allen-A, a poly/cotton blend, $12-$14, at The Ski Center, Sears, The Alpine Ski Shop and J. C. Penney. Damart Thermolactyl Interlock, 100 percent synthetic classics, $17.95 to $37.50, mail or phone order (800-253-7300).

The Real Naturals-From fun and frilly, to classic long johns in 100 percent wool, silk, cotton and natural blends. Among the best: Hanro, $30-$45, at The Right Stuff, Garfinkel's, Cachet and Jackie Chalkley. Thermasilk Body Warmers by Terramar of Chinese silk, $34.50, at Eddie Bauer. Ripcosa woolies, $16-$20, at Woodward & Lothrop, Chula Intimates in Georgetown and Hecht's.

For the Fun of It -- Union suit with handpainted penguin design by Sweet P, $70, at Nuevo Muendo, Alexandria; red union suit crawling with painted salamanders, $44, at Commander Salamander; 20 colors of thermal wear at John Henry in Georgetown, crewneck tops, $9.99; union suits, $27.

Note: Whether you go for the new synthetics or stick to more traditional warm wear, follow washing instructions carefully -- or your favorite union suit could wind up fitting the cat.