Performances were delayed last night in three halls of the Kennedy Center while Park Police checked out a bomb threat phoned in to them at 6:15 p.m. The anonymous caller said that a bomb had been left "in Box B of the Terrace Theater," which has no boxes. Police checked also in the Opera House and Eisenhower theaters, which do have boxes, although they are designated by numbers, not letters. The Concert Hall was not in use last night.

Audiences were very small in all three auditoriums as a result of the weather, but the audience was proportionately largest in the Terrace Theater, which had been specifically mentioned in the bomb threat.

Some 275 ticket holders, more than half the hall's capacity, were kept waiting outside the Terrace until 8:45 when the police, using specially trained dogs, completed their inspection and concluded that the bomb threat was a hoax. Delayed performances went on in all three auditoriums.

The performance of "Trial by Jury" and "Monsieur Choufleuri" in the Terrace began shortly after 9, a little more than an hour behind schedule. To pass the time while the production was being mounted, Martin Feinstein, general director of the Washington Opera, allowed the spectators to watch the scenery being set up, made a speech thanking them for coming and entertained them with jokes. He had considered moving the evening's entertainment to the Concert Hall and staging it without scenery.