The new definition of "classic" could be: "Does it still run?"

Bill Mayhugh, WMAL all-night DJ, is one who talks proudly about his "old dependable," a 1970 Chevy wagon called "The Golden Nugget."

Once, when The Nugget's gas tank rotted out at an Indian Springs golf tournament, Mayhugh fixed it with bubble gum which held for about a week. "I never have to lock it," he boasts, "and I don't care who hits it."

Among its other features: "leaky front windshield, a back window that goes neither up nor down, scenic design rust resembling an American eagle on the front fender and a large hole in the front seat. It goes through oil and anti-freeze like crazy and gets 11-12 m.p.g. It's your basic dull gold, the original paint job. I'm very proud of it; it's a classic."

WDVM-TV newsman Mike Buchanan is equally proud of his '71 Chevy. "I am no slave to fashion," concedes Buchanan (who has been voted one of the 10 worst-dressed men in Washington). "But I've been towed three times and booted four, so I have a big investment in the car."

Confessing total mechanical ineptitude, Buchanan says he keeps the car because of his mechanic. "I don't want to make Buck mad. If Buck likes the car, I like the car."