Pretty Maura Moynihan, actress daughter of Sen. Pat Moynihan, is toiling part-time for Rupert Murdoch's wicked wee New York Post --on Jim Brady's gossipy Page Six. "Just research and answering phones," she whispers. Ear didn't like to tell her that's all there is, in the Thankless Craft, if you don't count Lunch . . . Newsday's White House scribe, the fair Susan Page, is to wed clever Carl Leubsdorf, bureau chieftain here of the Dallas Morning News, in May. Pay no attention if you like, both will keep their old names . . . Top topic among the Paper People: Neoliberals, as propounded in Esquire. Founding Father: The Washington Monthly's "curmudgeonly" editor, Charlie Peters. On the Cutting Edge: Sens. Bill Bradley, Gary Hart, Paul Tsongas and Max Baucus. Mighty media conduits: Morton Kondracke of the New Republic; Harpers' editor Michael Kinsley; James Fallows of Atlantic Monthly . . . On the Horizon April 1: The "Not The Wall Street Journal," a one-shot satire of Guess What. Editor: Tony Hendra, who tossed together the "Not The New York Times" that we all made hats out of a couple of years back. What he's been up to: Writing an epic book, modestly called "Not the Bible." Tsk. Tomorrow: Not The Ear.