Another crisp snippet for your scrapbook on Joe Canzeri, Mighty Mite of the White House. (Ear, of course, has been busy with its paste pot, ever since reading that he once acquired a Water Pik from a closed Kansas City drugstore, for Nelson Rockefeller.) A new book called "The Imperial Rockefeller" drops at least one long-buried Canzeri tidbit. Author Joseph Persico -- an old Rocky speechwriter -- says that Joe's the one who found a U.S. home for the Shah of Iran, for the Rockefellers. The spot: Callaway Gardens, near Warm Springs, Ga. It had belonged to the family of Jerry Ford's campaignmeister Bo Callaway; Canzeri had spotted it on an advance trip for Rocky. Within a week of the complex being Okayed for Shah Occupancy by Ardeshir Zahedi, then the Iranian Ambassador here, the Shah was forced out of Iran. Then, the United States slammed the door on him. David Rockefeller arranged a temporary roost in the Bahamas; the Shah was told that his new nest was waiting near Warm Springs. It was Zahedi who urged him not to run into the arms of the Americans who'd left him in the lurch, says Persico. Ear doesn't like this one as much as the Water Pik, but bets History will.