Of course, the hottest bit of "Brideshead Revisited" on the TV comes at the end, when Bill Buckley waxes warm about author Evelyn Waugh. Disillusioning note du jour: Mr. Waugh did not return the compliment, back in '60. Tucked in Ticknor and Fields' new book, "The Letters of Evelyn Waugh," there's one turning down a chance to write for Bill's National Review: "I appreciate that in the circumstances your offer is a generous one, but until you get much richer (which I hope will be soon) or I get much poorer (which I fear may be sooner) I am unable to accept it." Later, writing to journalist Tom Driberg, Evelyn prods: "Did you in your researches come across the name of Wm. F. Buckley Jr., editor of a New York neo-McCarthy magazine named National Review? He has been showing me great & unsought attention lately & your article made me curious. Has he been supernaturally 'guided' to bore me? It would explain him. . . ." And, later: "Buckley wrote 'Up from Liberalism' (unreadable); his magazine is mostly devoted to attacks on American 'Liberals.' I don't think he is a Papist. He would have told me, I think, if he were." Oh, well. Bill's making up for it now, thank heavens. Ear will watch that space, till the bitter end.