Much twittering on Woodland Drive, that bosky zone in D.C. where many of the big-timers roost. Larry King just moved into a grand manse there that was once owned by another Major Texan, the late senator Tom Connally. (Ear means, of course, the huge and hairy "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" Larry King. Not the lean, keen, chatter-show-host Larry King.) The neighbors were nervous. "He's our very first Beard," whispered one. "Also, I've never actually heard anyone say That Word." So Larry marched over and addressed the Neighborhood Association the other day. What a show. He drawled, "Wa'il, Politics and Show Bidness are purty much alike. Thar's the role-playin' an' all. Yew don't find as menna tap-dancers in Politics, but yew sure find a lotta side-steppers." Then, he chatted of his Life and Philosophy. Then, he gave them the inside skinny on why he wouldn't get an Invite to the Premiere of his show's movie in Austin. (All those rewrites, and the huge row over Burt Reynolds playing the 65-year-old sheriff as a 35-year-old macho man.) The entire Association shuffled out beaming broadly, bowled over. Several practiced saying "Ho-house" very quietly on the way out. Woodland Drive should pep up nicely, come spring. Stay tuned.