Jeane Kirkpatrick, a former professor at Georgetown University, a Democrat and a former supporter of the late vice president Hubert Humphrey, is the current United States representative to the United Nations. She accepted the offered appointment after meeting with President Reagan.

In a recent interview, Jeane Kirkpatrick said the United Nations is the most sexist body she has ever worked for; that it is full of hypocrisy, filled with hostility toward the United States, and it is a place where we have friends but no allies.

Her candor, startling to many, correlates totally with her chart. Kirkpatrick was born on Nov. 19, 1926, and has her Sun in Scorpio. Since her Sun in Scorpio is but a part of an incredibly powerful configuration (seven planets in fixed signs, six planets in water), "a rose is a rose is a rose" can be paraphrased in this chart with "a Scorpio is a Scorpio is a Scorpio."

It is obvious from her chart that Kirkpatrick is candid and hates hypocrisy. She hates deception or lies of any kind and she can afford to be honest for she never has been afraid of anyone or anything.

She is a formidable person with a formidable strength, and such people always evoke hostility in their environment, because others feel weaker and become fearful. Therefore, when Kirkpatrick says the United Nations is the most sexist place she has ever worked, it may well be so, but even if she were a man, she would have experienced hostility since she is quite capable of cowing many people without even trying.

She has several weapons at her disposal: her intellect, sharp, intuitive and witty (a witty remark from her could be deadly). She has a continuously regenerating emotional force and an infinite staying power. And so she can outdo and outlast any enemy or any misfortune if she sets her mind to do so, and most people, when they sense such power, instinctively stay away.

In addition, she has an indomitable will, and that will, supported by the depth of her convictions and intensity of passion, can override any physical debility. If Jeane Kirkpatrick, having a raging fever of 104 degrees, would decide that she is fit as a fiddle, the sheer force of that will power would make her get well, and she would get up and the fever would go down.

Her chart evokes a picture of a pioneering woman who totes a gun, is unafraid to go into hostile Indian territory, holds to her homestead, and has energy left to work in the field, cook meals, bake bread and have babies. Her chart packs so much power that one almost feels she could uproot an oak tree and swing it in defense, but more in defense of others than herself. For this person does not attack unless she is attacked first.

It is certainly one of the strongest charts I have seen in this administration, and I would say to anyone who would want to tangle with her: "Beware," for she has the capacity to go through her enemies as a Sherman tank goes through a field of daisies.

And yet, for all that power, even more formidable because it is selfdisciplined, this is a very kind person, who would readily go out of her way to help, but only out of compassion, never out of pity. She would do anything for those she respects. Once she loses respect she is finished with them, and finished forever. She is very intuitive and should always follow that intuition for her sense of danger and of deception is very accurate.

At the present, the aspects on her chart indicate both her promotion and the aggrevations connected with it. But on such a chart as hers, any difficult aspects only transform into more energy and power. Any stress only strengthens the resilience, the resolve and will power, and the greater the pressure, the stronger Kirkpatrick becomes.

I can sum this chart by saying that lucky indeed is the person who has Jeane Kirkpatrick as a friend. I feel sorry for anyone who would choose to become her enemy and attack her, for if Kirkpatrick decides to smite them, they will be hit before they knew what hit them.