The Valentine's Day Violet crise. It's Desperate. The Californians' fave florist here, David Ellsworth, grumps there are none for the nouveau Nosegays. New York State's big Violet Man has gone to the great hothouse in the sky; his violets vanished. Instead, faute de mieux: Wimpy wee forget-me-nots, and pansyish Violas . . . Thym Smith trotting off from his Prime Pressie spot at the National Republican Congressional Committee. (Pronounce him Tim, do. But spell him that way, if you know what's good for you. He's to be crowned First Flack at the IRS) . . . First three subscribers to the heavy-hitting Germond-Witcover Political Report: Jack Kemp, John Glenn and Ted Kennedy . . . Spotted at the Sign of the Whale: Ed Nixon, bro of Richard . . . Artsy wedding heading this way: Al Nodal, Washington Project for the Arts honcho, and Joy Silverman. (Al likes to say, "She's Jewish and I'm Cubish.") The merry pair's to marry at the Mark Rothko Chapel in art-aware Houston . . . Bill Danoff, once one-quarter of the Starland Vocal Band, launching his Danoff Music Co. Also aboard: Margie Tabankin -- a VISTA honcha for Carter. They publish tunes, handle artistes, and sell swingy songs to the likes of Norman Lear . . . Egyptian President Mubarak's two sons, soaking in Americana, sweeping through the Serenade Record Shop near the White House, snapping up disco records . . . Hot in Detroit and heading this way: "Reaganomics." The winner, natch, is the player who balances the budget. Monopoly-style, the cash is divvied up between guvvy departments. There's a Treasury; Democratic and Republican cards; a jellybean fund; non-transference of cash; and an unemployment line. Landers on the Abscam square lose a turn. And that's the way it is.