Jelly Roll Morton, were he still with us and hanging out at Blues Alley last night, might have advised the unwary to stand back lest they "bust their eardrums."

Imagine myriad violins (or flutes or whatever) playing in unison. Put behind them a drummer (Mike Campenni) whose hands are to percussion as the nuclear warhead is to artillery and electric bassist (Jeff Blount) with a pneumatic sledgehammer stroke. Turn the volume up so that the folks in the next township can enjoy. That's an approximation of Lesette Wilson's Projekt 1, a trio with sufficient fire power to bring down the Great Wall of China.

Wilson, seated in a V of four keyboards, was in continual motion, her every gesture revealing hitherto unsuspected nuances of ecstasy or psychic trauma.

Frankly, it was difficult to assess what musical talent lay hidden beneath the cathedral engulfing waves of sound from her synthesizers, but her one acoustic and unaccompanied number at set's end proved she has no problem finding those mean blue notes between the keys of the Steinway.

For some, of course, this is the new sound, and they liked to get up and boogie to it. Okay, but heed Jelly's counsel and keep your distance. Like, say, a city block or three.