1. Age: 56 or more, score 1; 55 or under, score 0;

2. Sex: Male, score 1; Female, 0

3. Family History: If you have blood relatives who have had a heart attack or stroke before age 60, score 12; Blood relatives with a known history of heart disease at or before age 60 but no heart attacks or stroke, 10; Blood relatives who have had a heart attack or stroke after age 60, 6 No blood relatives who have had a heart attack or stroke, 0.

4. Personal history: 50 or under, if you had either a heart attack, stroke or blood vessel surgery, 20; 51 or over, if you had any of the above, 10 None of the above, 0.

5. Diabetes before age 40 and now on insulin, 10; Diabetes at or after age 40 and no on insulin or pills, 5; Diabetes controlled by diet, or diabetes after age 55, 3; No diabetes, 0.

6. Smoking: Two packs a day, 10; Between one and two packs per day or quit smoking less than a year ago, 6; If you smoke 6 or more cigars a day or inhale a pipe regularly, 6; Less than one pack per day or quit smoking more than one year ago, 3; Never smoked, 0

7. Cholesterol (If cholesterol count is not known, answer question No. 8) Cholesterol level -- 272 or above, 10; Between 225 and 275, 5; 224 or below, 0.

8. Diet: (If you have answered question No. 7, do not answer this question) Does your normal eating pattern include: One serving of red meat daily, more than seven eggs a week, and daily consumption of butter, whole milk and cheese, 8; Red meat 4-6 times a week, 4-7 eggs a week, margarine, low-fat dairy products, and some cheese, 4; Poultry, fish, little or no red meat, three or less eggs a week, some margarine, skim milk, and skim milk products, 0.

9. High blood pressure: If either number is: 160 over 100 (160/100) or higher, 10; 140 over 90 (140/90) but less than 160 over 100 (160/100), 5; If both numbers are less than 140 over 90 (140/90), 0.

10. Weight: (Ideal weight formula: Men, 110 lbs. plus 5 lbs. for each inch over 5 feet; women, 100 lbs. plus 5 lbs. for each inch over 5 feet.) 25 lbs. overweight, 4; 10-24 lbs. overweight, 2; Less then 10 lbs. overweight, 0.

11. Exercise: Do you engage in any aerobic exercise (brisk walking, jogging, bicycling, racketball, swimming) for more than 15 minutes: Less than once a week, 4; 1-2 times a week, 2; 3 or more times a week, 0.

12. Stress: Are you: Frustrated when waiting in line, often in a hurry to complete work or keep appointments, easily angered, irritible, 4; Impatient when waiting, occasionally hurried or occasionally moody, 2; Comfortable when waiting, seldom rushed, and easygoing, 0. Scoring

Tabulate your points and compare them with the figures below.

NOTE: A high score does not mean you will develop heart disease. It merely is a guide to make you aware of a potential risk. Since no two people are alike, an exact prediction is impossible without further individualized testing. With answer to Question 9 High Risk, 40 and above; Medium Risk, 20-39; Low Risk, 19 and below. Without answer to Question 9 High Risk, 36 and above; Medium Risk, 19-35; Low Risk, 18 and below. (Test and scoring based on The Arizona Heart Institute's Heart Test, by Dr. E.B. Diethrich)