Warren Beatty's four individual Academy Award nominations give him a share of an impressive but disheartening record: impressive because only Orson Welles has ever received as many in a single year, disheartening because Welles only won one award the year he was up four times for "Citizen Kane." Beatty himself has turned the trick twice now -- but the first time he did so, his four nominations for "Heaven Can Wait" resulted in not one award. Master strategist that he is, though, Beatty appears to be playing all his cards right with "Reds." For months before the film was released, he was so newsworthy but incommunicado that California magazine, for example, put him on its cover without ever speaking to him. And now that "Reds" is a hit -- and, of course, now that he has picked up all those nominations -- Beatty has quietly done at least one in-depth interview that will put his face on lots of news-stands right in the middle of the period between the nominations and the March 29 awards ceremony. And naturally, initial murmurings say that "Reds" is indeed the film to beat, unless everyone's underestimating the power of the "On Golden Pond" sentimental vote.