A few nudges around town over that Invite. On the front, you see, is a long, long list of Hot Names: Nancy Reagan, honorary chairman; Onbineteers and their ladies galore -- the Jim Watts, Dick Schweikers and Jim Edwardses; White Housers and their womenfolk -- the Ed Meeses, Mike Deavers and Jim Bakers; Senators and mesdames Strom Thurmond, Bill Armstrong, Pete Domenici, Sam Nunn, Lloyd Bentsen, and on and on. All request the pleasure of the company of invitees at the freebie performance of "Someone Special," at the KenCen on March 17. It features the fair Carol Lawrence, and Pat Boone, who will warble together at one point. A shy, almost-engraved note tucked in the Invite reveals that "Someone" is the Virgin Mary of Nazareth. She's played, from age 13 on, by Miss Lawrence. (Who is actually Our Age, if you get Ear's meaning, and bouncily betrothed again.) But Marilee Zdenek, the L.A. writer of "Someone," calls it a "very earthy account, a very Jewish concept" of Mary's life. Rattling the whole thing together is Robert M. Pittenger, who runs the STEP Foundation. (Ahem. Strategies to Elevate People. STEP is too young to appear in the national Foundation Directory, quite yet.) "Is it a cult, or what?" people nudge. Come, darlings. Mr. Pittenger declares that "every nickel of this event has been paid for already by members of the host committee. No honorarium goes to Carol or Pat Boone. It is not a fund-raiser; the host committee contributed names for the guest list. And nobody is going to make a pitch." Carol, meanwhile, says she's agreed to do a STEP benefit next week in Dallas. The White House says that Claire Schweiker, wife of the HHS director, is the one who asked Nancy Reagan to lend her name to the program. And Claire, darlings, is not a cultiste, but a member of a highly respectable German Protestant sect called the Schwenkfelders. You now know practically all Ear knows of this event. It will snuggle by the tube with a toddy that night and think Elevating thoughts.