Remember the sports biographies Hollywood used to make? They weren't about female track athletes or British runners from the 1920s--they told the story of All-American sports heroes like Lou Gehrig and Knute Rockne. Well, now the town is gearing up to see if movie audiences still care about those kinds of competitors in these post-baseball strike days. In the planning stages are the remakes of a couple of old sports films, including a new version of "The Babe Ruth Story." Joe Don Baker is set for the title role, and the producers are reportedly hot on the trail of Jacqueline Bisset to portray Ruth's wife, Ziegfield showgirl Claire Hodson. Meanwhile, "The Grover Cleveland Alexander Story" is also ready to roll for a second time, with Houston Astros' pitcher Don Sutton playing the early baseball star. The role is clearly in the hands of a pro--Sutton, after all, has appeared on "Fantasy Island," and more than once. The last time it was filmed, Alexander's story had a more poetic title: it was called "The Winning Team," and it starred an athletic young actor, Ronald Reagan . . .and Woody Allen is rumored to have ended his search for someone to play another old-time star who played a lot though never baseball. It sounds too bizarre to be true, but New York sources insist Allen has found just the person to portray Mae West in his upcoming and naturally still-untitled film: Jim Bailey, a female impersonator who apparently does a terrific job on lines like "Come up and see me sometime."