The Francis Coppola edition of "Napoleon," with a 60-piece live orchestra playing the music prepared for the film by Carmine Coppola, will return to Washington for two days to end the Wolf Trap season Sept. 9 and 10. This will be the American outdoor premiere of the flick with orchestra, and the $8 charge for a lawn ticket at Wolf Trap may be the lowest it will ever cost. It will also be the first time the Wolf Trap season has gone beyond Labor Day. By September, it is likely that the general distribution print from Universal, with Coppola's music on a soundtrack, will also be in circulation. If the master print was mislaid (as had been rumored), it has evidently been found. A partial recording of the soundtrack is being released by CBS and wide-screen Dolby prints suitable for specially equipped movie houses like the Uptown are reportedly being prepared. It begins to look unlikely that "Napoleon" will return to the Kennedy Center.

At Wolf Trap, limited sight lines for the enormous screen this picture requires will not permit viewers to use all of the lawn. "We'll have to cordon off the back of the lawn and tell people they won't have a good view from there," said a Wolf Trap spokesman. "We don't know yet how much of the lawn we'll use. Someone has to go out and sit on the grass and take a look, and that probably won't happen for a while." Non-lawn seats for this attraction will have a $22.50 top.