Gannett's revving up to unleash its first USA Today daily paper in the fall. First target: The Washington Market. Gannett biggies ankling to town: New USA Today Prez Phil Gialanella and Executive Veep Vince Spezzano. Vince, darlings, will roost at the Watergate. This is getting serious . . . Cries and whispers over the frisky little Peace Corps Times. In one eight-page issue, director Loret Ruppe's name or title is merrily splashed 41 times. And out of 21 photos, la belle Loret stars in 11. Is this getting serious? . . . And ex-Reagan aide Lyn Nofziger's getting $7,500 a pop speechifying for the Washington Speakers Bureau. (They proposed $10,000 per gig. But Lyn loyally shouted, "No! I'm going to do my bit for the deficit!" Honestly, that Lyn.) Meanwhile, across the land, 4,000 Business Biggies of the Right Persuasion just got sunny little gold-crested letters from Lyn. These urge them to hop aboard the spanking-new "President's Committee" of Citizens for the Republic. Lyn helped Reagan set up the CFTR with heavy hoopla back in '77, of course. This go-round, it's "targeted 38 anti-Reagan liberal Democrats in Congress for defeat, and will replace them with conservatives who will support the president." For your $5,000 membership, you get all sorts of joy, plus a brown leather book, gaily tooled in gilt with your name, merrily entitled "The First Reagan Administration." This is getting very, very serious. Sunday: Not so serious.