Hugh Sidey's darling daughter, Sandy, toiling at the White House press office . . . Cackles about Time mag's tale of the New York Times Mag's hoaxed report from Cambodia. Illustrating the Time tale: A pic of "Ed Klein," the Times Mag's editor. Ahem. Wrong pic. That's Ed Kline, editor of the bimonthly Chronicle of Human Rights in the USSR mag. (He, darlings, was last spotted in the news being a proxy bride at the wedding of Russian Alexei Semyonov in Montana. Don't they all have a wonderful time?) We all need a nice vacation . . . Stan Cloud, former Time and Star man, racing off to become managing editor of the L.A. Herald Examiner . . . Forecast mag here, swelling hugely. At the helm: Publisher Dean Reed, one-time Newhouse bureau chieftain . . . A hot new editor at the hip new Harper's: Helen Rogan. (Actually, she's a hot old new editor, having been there before, in the dear old Lewis Lapham days.) Honestly, some days Media seems incredibly tiny . . . And The New Republic's busily gearing up an entire issue proposing a Democratic Platform. Somebody must . . . Hilton Kramer, Big Apple Times art critic, all set to bolt, and launch a monthly mag of "rigorous criticism" of the arts. No name yet, darlings. That's the most rigorous bit of all . . . The international media poised for Watergate's 10th anniversary, this summer. Swedish teevee crews were crawling around a balcony at the famous Howard Johnson's, chasing boffo burglar G. Gordon Liddy, on Friday afternoon. Dangling from a Watergate office window across the street: A huge sign, NIXON IN '84. Good heavens. Tomorrow: Something completely different.