Almost anyone will tell you--have struck: Every day seems like Monday and Friday never comes.

Not everyone, of course, falls prey. Weatherman Willard Scott has an easy solution: "I just get out of town and go to Florida, Arizona and Southern California."

Not diversionary enough? You could always catch a plane to Honolulu and pick up on the Queen Elizabeth II sailing March 20 to Florida.

In the middle of a budget crunch? You don't have time to bask in Bali or revel in Rio? Here are some inexpensive--even free--ways to beat the doldrums right here at home:

* Stop into "Collector's Cabinet" on Connecticut Avenue and buy some shells from the Bay of Bengal, the Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Hawaii or South Africa. Pretend you're just back from a beach there. Get a conch shell and listen for the roar of the sea.

* Ask your record shop for the "Environments, The Psychologically Ultimate Seashore" album. Close your eyes, listen to whooshing surf and think of far-away beaches.

* Get a sandbox, put on your bathing suit, spread your towel, sit under a sun lamp and pretend.

* Make a splash at "Making Waves," 7th and D Streets NW, and soak the doldrums away in hot tubs. Private rooms come complete with tub, shower, piped-in music and a light dimmer.

* Think summer. Have an "I'm-Sick-of-Winter Party." Wear your madras Bermudas, short-sleeve polo shirt and thongs.

* Head for a Polynesian restaurant and order pina coladas, rum punches or any drink that comes with an umbrella and a slice of pineapple in it.

* Sip mint juleps in the hammock while fanning yourself. Neighbors might think you're mad, but in your mind, you know it's 98 degrees in the shade.

* Get copies of The New Yorker and Playboy. Ignore everything except the jokes.

* Dance, dance, dance. Imitate Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters imitating Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in "Pennies From Heaven." Vic and Mavie of Vic Daumit Studios offer a course in ballroom dancing starting March 18. Tap with Joe Jeff, clog with Dorothy Schultz. Check with Open University for lessons that could lead to Broadway.

* Buy bright socks. Always good for a giggle at the office.

* Spring for some fancy soap, favorite perfume, or anything that sounds fresh, like lemon scent.

* Get your hair cut, frosted, permed, colored.

* Grow a moustache, if you're a man.

* Stop at a major department store and get a free makeover at one of the cosmetic counters offering them.

*Steep a pot of exotic tea and relax with a friend.

* Find the FAO Schwartz closest to you and go play with the toys. There are trains, the "Big Trak," a car you can program to go in any direction, and a "laughing head" that not only laughs, but spits water.

* Look under "Dial-A" in the phone book and call a recording: religion, atheism, a story, a phenomenon.

* Pull out your best stationery and write to Aunt Millie in Minnesota, or Betty in Boston. The weather's probably even grayer there, and they get the doldrums too.

* Call in sick. Spend the day in a bubble bath, sleeping or watching the soaps.

* Go to the National Archives to hear the Watergate tapes. If you think you have problems, a few hours listening to people with real ones will put it all in perspective.

And remember, spring is only 13 days away.