Tomorrow night's performance in the Terrace Theater by pianist Ruth Laredo will be part of a rather extended tour for her: two out-of-town recitals in two days. She doesn't travel much longer, these days, because (like fellow New Yorker Itzhak Perlman) she tries to spend as much time as possible at home being a parent. It is more complicated for her because, since her divorce from violinist Jaime Laredo (who played the Terrace last night with one trio and will be back next week with another), she is a single parent.

Laredo calls her 12-year-old daughter Jennifer "the world's most wonderful child," but does have two problems: music and crossword puzzles. "I have to get up early on Sundays or she'll have the Times crossword puzzle finished before I can get to it," Laredo complains. "And, of course, she walks around all the time with a Sony Walkman in her ears, listening to Billy Joel; if I'm doing a concert, that's just too bad. She knows what counts in life. It's not that she doesn't know music. She's the only 12-year-old I know who can intelligently discuss the relative qualities of Jean-Pierre Rampal, James Galway, Eugenia Zukerman and Paula Robison. She doesn't play the flute, but she's been around."

When Jennifer was younger, she traveled more. Now, her mother says, "If I take her anywhere, it has to be on a weekend--and there have been times when she wouldn't go because she'd miss 'Dallas.' In a few more years, it should be easier. Meanwhile, who wants to be the toast of Europe, anyway?"