It's hard to tell if Richard Harris' career is sailing or stalling toward the end of his highly praised stint as King Arthur in the "Camelot" revival. Harris is moving up from playing a king to, in his next film, portraying God, which should be something of a step up. The problem is, he's playing that role in the next film by John Derek, in whose last venture--"Tarzan, the Ape Man"--Harris did the most grandiose overacting of his career. At any rate, Derek's new film appears to follow the footsteps of "Tarzan," shifting the lion's share of the spotlight away from its male lead. In that film, of course, Tarzan spoke nary a line, leaving all of them to Bo Derek's Jane; in the next film, a retelling of the Adam and Eve story, Adam doesn't even get title billing. It's called "Eve and That Damned Apple," and the Dereks are now presumably looking for a pliant soul to play Adam. As for Eve's part, we're all lucky that the director happens, in his own words, "to be living with the one who's closest to qualifying as Eve." From here, the film sounds like a perfectly apt sequel to "Tarzan"--let's face it, Adam and Eve wore fewer clothes than even Tarzan and Jane, and there's also a juicy part for the big snake who made such an impression last time out.