Quick, before the sap rises: Time for Ear's Ins and Outs, spring of '82. Breakfast is the In meal. (New York hotels are doing breakfasts up nouvelle, with soft-boiled eggs and caviar.) Trickle-down jokes are still In. (Mark Russell's: "If, say, David Rockefeller prospers, that prosperity will trickle down, down, down--to Jay Rockefeller.") But OMBmeister David Stockman is Out. (In Scenario on the circuit: Mac Baldrige, the Commerce secretary, to OMB; Jim Edwards, the Energy Man, to head the hot new department combining Energy and Commerce.) Chicken McNuggets are In. (Very similar morsels have been spotted at the Four Seasons Hotel buffets.) Out for women: Basic black. Gobs of gold. High heels. In: Beige, hot pinks and blues. Out decor hue in Washington: Liz Taylor Lavender. (They've even repainted the walls at the drop-dead chic 209 1/2 restaurant a peachy tone. L.T.L. is only In in London, where they've done up the entire fac,ade of the Victoria Palace Theater in the hue for Liz's opening in "Little Foxes.") "Brideshead Revisited" outfits are In. (You read about Bill Blass' "Brideshead" fall collection? Quick-on-the-uptake Washingtonians are hitting the thrift shops.) "Grim pre-professionalism" is In. (This, remember, is what Kingman Brewster warned the Yale frosh about six years ago. Now, Yalies are soaking in corporate finance, capital markets, investment theory. A group's even hitting up alumni for cash to invest in the stock market.) Irish coffee-making contests are In, this week. British nannies are In. Train now for croquet, steadily getting Inner. (Harvard and Yale have started annual croquet tourneys. Need Ear say more?) Glittery silver braces on grown-ups' teeth that match the sequins in their dresses a la Nancy Kissinger, are now Out. See-through plastic braces on the teeth are In. (Lorraine Percy, wife of Sen. Chuck Percy, is sporting them with a smile these days.) Getting foreign medals and decorations is so In that some people even ask for them. (Ear's Paris Connection reports that Orson Welles, when he was made a Commander of the Legion of Honor, celebrated at the Bistro 121, where they gave him a table for four. Imagine!) It's In to rent the horse-drawn carriage outside the new Marbury House hotel and trot through Georgetown, driving everyone mad with envy or traffic trauma. The word "disco" is Out, Out, Out. (The lilting lexicon goes for "Dance Rock.") Gilbert and Sullivan is In (though the D'Oyly Carte is Out). Calling Glover Park "Upper Georgetown" is Out. (The militant little Glover Park newsletter, called The South China Morning News just for the hell of it, urges all Glover Parkers to get mad and yell, or brace for a future full of people nibbling quiche and combing afghans.) Go, now, and be Divine. 'Til Wednesday.