The temperament of some rock bands doesn't change no matter how often personnel is shuffled. Take the Pure Prairie League, for example. Their current lineup is only a couple of months old, but you'd hardly have known it listening to them at the Bayou last night. The three-part country-rock harmonies were the same. The crisp and clean guitar breaks were the same. And, of course, most of the songs--"Two Lane Highway," "I'll Change That Flat Tire, Merle," "Amie"--were also the same. With bands like the Pure Prairie League, one style fits all.

Truth is, the cheering, whistling, stomping crowd that packed the Bayou wouldn't have had it any other way. So you can hardly blame the band if it finds little reason to toy with success. After all, its sound, while hardly adventurous, has held up remarkably well over the past 10 years.

The only surprise last night came from the new fiddler and saxophonist Al Garth. Though Vince Gill's warm voice and songwriting talent will be missed, Garth shares Gill's obvious need to perform. His animated funk and bluegrass numbers helped to balance the band's more familiar material.