Question: How does a pregnant lady get into the lotus position?

In case you hadn't noticed, everybody seems to be pregnant.

Take this beginning-to-soar pregnancy rate and put it together with the popularity of fitness and self-help health, and one of the things you come up with is yoga for pregnancy.

Sylvia Klein Olkin, a veteran yoga instructor, began classes for pregnant women about four years ago. She found very quickly that the exercises and breathing and relaxation techniques of yoga lent themselves beautifully to pregnancy. She found they were safe, beneficial and compatible with other techniques like Lamaze and Bradley.

Olkin's just-published book, Positive Pregnancy Through Yoga ($8.95, Prentice-Hall) is both a textbook for her classes and useful guide for all pregnant women.

Her sister-in-law Arlene Olkin has begun classes in Reston. A new series will begin April 15 at the Loudoun campus of Northern Virginia Community College. For information, call Arlene Olkin at 703-620-9832 or write her at 12009 Canter Lane, Reston, Va. 22091.

As for the lotus position, that's something else again. Says Arlene Olkin, "Pregnant ladies just don't get into the lotus--unless they're veteran practitioners."