American Film mag has been snooping around Washington, again, quizzing the Great on their favorite films of '81. Ronald Reagan's two faves were "Breaker Morant" and "Chariots of Fire." ("Chariots" also was the best-beloved of Interior Secretary James Watt and Rep. Jack Kemp.) "Breaker" was the fave of California Rep. Ron Dellums. Zbigniew Brzezinski told the mag that his and Muska's pet flicks were "Man of Iron," and, please take a seat, "The Story of O." " . . . much more delicate and tasteful than I expected. The film showed not male domination but male vulnerability," says Mrs. B. (This column normally does not mention "O." But it likes to see if it can still spell Brzezinski, on slow days.) Speaker Tip O'Neill and Sen. Jesse Helms both protested that they'd been far too busy to peep lately, but both were crazy about "Gone With the Wind." And Sen. Pat Moynihan happily chatted about seeing "Swiss Family Robinson" in the '60s, and using the image of a snake slithering out of a pile of mussels to explain Soviet foreign policy to his daughter, Maura. She's now an actress and working part time on the New York Post's gossipy little Page Six, remember. The old snake-and-mussel metaphor gears you up for anything, Ear's always said. Back Sunday.