Here's a huge move afoot to push the cherry as the National Fruit. "Cherry Life" mag is urging growers to send cherries to their congressmen, start a Cherry Bowl baseball game, and meditate at length on George Washington, cherrystone clams, cherry tomatoes and the Cherry Blossom Festival. Meanwhile, local sculptor Dick Martin has launched a campaign to dub D.C. "D.Cherry"--sort of like the Big Apple, only smaller and sweeter. He's created a dear little life-size sterling silver cherry pendant, all trademarked and copyrighted. He rather grandly gave one to Effi Barry, wife of the mayor, the other day. At the same time, he proposed to the Cherry Blossom Festival Folks that they present his tiny token to this year's Cherry Blossom Queen. At first, darlings, everybody jumped at the notion. Then, they started brooding darkly about Taste. Now, Bill Hambly, President of the National Conference of State Societies, which does the festival, says softly, "We think it would not be an Appropriate Emblem. If he came up with a cherry blossom we would be delighted. Of course, if the D.C. Government wants a cherry as its symbol, that's fine." Ear will watch developments with continuing interest and superb Taste. Stay tuned.