District of Columbia

* District of Columbia Commission of Social Services--Needs foster homes for infants, pre-schoolers and handicapped children. Foster parents must live within 25 miles of the District. Reimbursement rate: $269 a month for children under 12; $282 for over 12. Program open to singles and working parents. For more information: Sherrie Brown or Mary Hodges, 727-0894.


* Montgomery County Department of Social Services--Meetings the third Thursday of every month for prospective foster and adoptive parents. Foster parents must live in county. Reimbursement: $224 a month for regular foster care; $247 for children who require special care. Foster homes for teen-agers most needed, followed by homes for pre-schoolers, babies and sibling groups. Jean Royer, 468-4278.

* Prince George's County Department of Social Services--Introductory meeting for prospective foster parents the first Monday of every other month in Hyattsville office. Must live in county. Six-hour foster parent training course. Most pressing need: homes for infants and teen-agers. Reimbursement rate: $180.90 for infants; $197 for adolescents. Carol Siemens, foster home finder: 927-4600, ext. 227.


* Alexandria County Department of Social Services--Requires foster parents' completion of 8-week training program. Most needed: homes for adolescents, pre-schoolers and children with special needs. Carol Farrell, foster home finder: 838-4309.

* Arlington Department of Social Services--Homes for teen-agers biggest need. Single persons allowed as foster parents; couples living together must be married. Mary Woody, foster home coordinator: 558-2131.

* Fairfax County Department of Social Services--Requires training program, state standards for foster homes. Most needed: homes for adolescents. Sharon Templeman: 385-8883, ext. 292.

Virginia reimbursement rate: $128 for infants up to age 4; $161 for 5-12; $203 for 13 and over.