Former White Houser Lyn Nofziger is bearing high the banner for his brassy new "Build America, Buy American" campaign. Every stick and rag of furniture in his hotsy-totsy new office is Yankee-made. Best of all, Lyn's adopted a shiny-new all-American 1982 Lincoln Continental. (Silver, of course. Money-color.) Now, he's hunting a real American chauffeur to drive him around . . . Has George Hoyt, once publisher of the late lamented Star and now nestled in the bosom of Time Inc., softly popped the question to copper-topped superflack Colleen Mueller, once Star promotioniste? . . . It's selling like seed packets, but certain Labor unions are shunning "STRIKE!" That, you know, is the flashy new board game, "Labor's answer to Monopoly." It's peddled in a shiny red tube by labor lobbyist Victor Kamber. The unions, moans Vic, think the name has a Negative Ring. What next? . . . Big Apple publishers are eyeing "We've Got Elvis." The Fantasy Caper book's about the body-napping of a Certain Singer from his Graceland resting place. We care because the author is Washington's own mod mogul, Alex Fraser. (He founded Open University here.) Peddling it: Superagent Lucianne Goldberg . . . Mary Crisp, former co-chair of the Republican National Committee, is bracing to bound into the Other Territory for the ERAmerica Radio Blitz Fund-Raiser. She'll emcee the hoopla April 5 at the Woman's National Democratic Club. Everyone behave, please . . . And terrible squawks of outrage followed poor dear Rep. Bob Walker's chat on the House floor last week. ("I would say to the gentleman that Mayor Marion Barry of this city issued a proclamation endorsing National Condom Week, using Federal Tax dollars.") Tsk. Get it straight, please. Mayor Barry tastefully dubbed Feb. 14 through 20 "Planned Parenthood Week"--"WHEREAS," as he shyly proclaimed, Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington had designated it "National Condom Week." P.P. of W., of course, may use all kinds of lingo. This Topic is now almost closed . . . And the Carlton Hotel has suddenly installed closed-circuit teevee tuberie. Now, guests may follow every twitch of Congress on the House floor, from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. Let's hope everybody remains tasteful. The Topic is now completely closed. Back tomorrow.