"A Little Sex," starring Tim Matheson and Kate Capshaw, is a Sanka-brand movie with that made-for-television aroma. At any moment, Robert Young might step before the camera to promote decaffeination as a cure for the heartbreak of satyriasis.

It's a sociable disease, male nyphomania. And the film's hero, Michael Donovan, has it, just a little something he caught on his way through Bloomingdales. To make matters worse, Donovan's a director of bubble- soap and fruit-punch commercials, which star buxom vixens, all aiming to please. His film fiancee Katherine, a wholesome hockey teacher at a parochial girls' school, fails to notice his huge sexual appetite during the months they've lived together and naively forsakes all others to cleave only unto him.

In a pre-wedding chat with his brother Tommy (Edward Hermann), Michael discusses his problem, and Tommy, a scientist at the Central Park Zoo, relates it to apes. Michael learns that not only is his brain bigger than an ape's, but so is his penis. Tommy calls them Albert and Duke. Albert wants to do the right thing, but Duke is a hopeless rogue. As you can imagine, Duke gets into trouble just weeks after the wedding night and Katherine catches him with his pants down.

Because "A Little Sex" involves so many TV types (produced by MTM Enterprises and directed by Bruce Paltrow, creator of "The White Shadow"), the film's chronology feels warped. Without the commercial pauses, no time passes between Michael's proposal, their marriage, his climaxes and the denouement. It's revved-up, angst-free moviegoing. Capshaw, a soap-opera vet, and Matheson, of "1941" and "Animal House," spare our feelings as they move through the movie like a pair of pleasant mannequins. And the sex -- there was more of that on "Wild Kingdom."

How about "A Little Sex"? Not tonight. Plan to have a little headache.

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