When the weather gets nice, everyone wants to be outside. Bliss, to some, is putting on the Adidas and pounding the first five miles of the season. Or pulling the canoe out of storage and paddling into new water. Or riding the bike, flying a kite, planting a garden. After the running shoes are off the sore feet, the canoe is tied back up minus the paddle that got away, the bike is back with a flat, the kite is tangled up and the dirty fingernails smell of onion bulbs, those people can join those of us who really know how to enjoy the nice weather: find us quaffing a few at a sidewalk cafe. Just to get you on the trail, here are a few of the hundred and more places around where you can enjoy the brews, and food, with the breezes (open now according to weather):

CAFE D'ARTISTAS 3065 M Street NW. Open weekends 11 to 2 a.m. 338-0417.

CAFE RONDO: 1900 Q Street NW. Continental food; 11:30 to 2 a.m. 232-1885.

GUSTI'S 2837 M Street NW Open 11 to 11. 331-9444.

IRON GATE INN 1734 N Street NW. Weekend lunch 11:30 to 3; dinner 5:30 to 10. Sunday noon to 10. 737- 1371.

KRAMERBOOKS AND AFTERWORDS: 1517 Connecticut Avenue NW. Open weekends 9 to 3 a.m. Continental food and drink. 387-1462.

LA BRASSERIE 546-9154 239 Mass Ave NE. Weekends 11:30 to 11:30. 546-9154.

MAN IN THE GREEN HAT Weekend brunch 11 to 3 Saturday and Sunday; dinner 5:30 to midnight, 10 on sunday. 301 Massachusetts Avenue NE. 546-5900.

MISTER SMITH'S 3104 M Street NW 333-3104 garden with canopy. weekly 11:30 to 3, weekends 11:30 to 3.

TABARD INN 785-1277 1739 N Street NW. Weekend breakfast 8 to 10; brunch 11 to 3; dinner Saturday 6 to 11, until 10 on Sunday. 785-1277.

TWO NINETEEN 219 King Street. Open weekends 11:30 to 5:30; serves lunch and cocktails. 549-1141.