Teddy K's been busy getting briefed for "Meet the Press," and his office has Absolutely No Comment. But oh, dear. Some of the Press, especially in Europe, says it's already met quite a lot of Teddy. A not-too-flattering pic of a gent au naturel, strolling on the beach, has been plastered all over Die Aktuelle. That's a West German woman's mag of the saucier sort. "Ted Kennedy Spazierte nackt an einem offentlichen Strand," shouts the caption. "Ted Kennedy strolls naked on a public beach" is what it meant to say. Ear doesn't know whether or not to believe it's Teddy. But the naughty New York Post says that a free-lance photog had lingered about the Kennedy Kompound at Palm Beach, to catch snaps of Bobby Shriver te te-a -te te with Tatum O'Neal. Suddenly, reports the N.Y. Post, the figure sans culottes appeared. The photog kept snapping. London's Daily Star has bought the pictures, an editor says, but has not run them yet, being busy with the Fleet chugging off to the Falklands. This week, the New York Post ran a fuzzy copy of the pic from Die Aktuelle, calling it "Tubby Teddy's Birthday Best," and followed it up the next day with an unkind cartoon. ("That's him again, campaigning for the '84 skinny-dippers vote.") Down in Palm Beach, meanwhile, nobody's heard a murmur of all this. "Teddy's a very familiar figure, of course. But with his clothes on," says Jon Sobotka, Palm Beach social scribe. Ear does not approve of this type of gossip at all. But if Ear does not tell you, who will? More Sunday.