After much pondering, a decision has been reached in the name clash between the struggling, young Dumbarton Concert Series and the older and better-known Dumbarton Oaks Concert Series. The "Used-to-be Dumbarton Concert Series" (one of the new names suggested) has come up with a minimal name change. It will now call itself "The Dumbarton Avenue Concert Series (In Washington's Historic Dumbarton Church)," a name whose full splendor you are not likely to see often in print except in its own literature. It also will print a disclaimer on programs, flyers, etc.

"We heard from a lot of people who said, 'Don't you dare change your name,' " reports series director Connie Zimmer. "The most vociferous was Patrick Hayes. He said it is important not to let ourselves be pushed around." Some of the suggested new names were obviously impossible, though intriguing--for example, "The Between N and O Streets a Half-Block off Wisconsin Avenue Series," or the one suggested as a rhyme with the old name, "The Dolly Parton Series"; but that might have been misleading. "The Dumbarton Acorn Series" would have established nicely the relative status of the two enterprises.

Other ideas were pretty if not always meaningful: "Amadeus," "Divertimento," "Orpheus," "Friday Euphonies," "Arabesque," "Encore" and "Toad Hall." "I liked 'Toad Hall,' " says Zimmer wistfully. "I think it has character."