You know, darlings, how tricky it is to keep Arthur Laffer entertained. (Ahem. Guru of the Gold Standard, Lord of the Laffer Curve, Maharajah of the Money Men.) Why, back home in California, he dwells among swarms of huge parrots with names like Voodoo and Economics, amid a forest of cacti. We of the East all seem quite blah after that, naturellement. You'll be pleased to hear that Howard Segermark, who runs the Institute on Money and Inflation--which pushes the Gold Standard like mad--tossed a soiree for the Big Man the other day. Howard put on quite a show with cohost Maegan Evans, Top Tomato of the Women's Economic Roundtable. In toddled Joe Cobb, a hotshot with the Choice in Currency Commission. (We all spot him around the Mean Streets, walking his pet raccoon on a leash.) Several Monetarists were invited, to shout at the Gold Bugs. There were people from the New Republic, dressed in California clothes, and Hubert Humphrey's sister Frances. Beer lobbyists drank champagne. Supply siders haggled about the Price of Gold. (They want to bring it down from $320 to $175.) Of course, all the local gold bugs wore pin stripes and ties with Adam Smith's face emblazoned on them. Laffer, being a Californian, wore pin stripes and a tie smothered with astrological signs. You have to move quite fast to keep up with Gold Gurus. Let's hope he comes back.