My, what a very grand soiree aboard the Highlander, the other eve. (Surely you've bobbed down the Potomac in super-capitalist publisher Malcolm Forbes' 126-foot yacht?) A bagpiper, sporting the Forbes tartan, piped aboard an adorably ritzy throng. There was one duke (of Wellington); one CIA chieftain (Bill Casey); one ambassador (of Morocco). There was a potpourri of presidents--one of the Gas Association, two of railways and one of an airline. The pipes skirled super-loud for White Housers like Ed Meese and Muffie Brandon. Dave Stockman scrambled aboard still a tad pale from the big budget meeting. ("We all took out half an hour to watch the NBA game on TV.") Some paper people and a couple of Demo senators were piled aboard for ballast. Bob Strauss perched on the poop deck, telling Hubert-and-Lyndon stories. (He gaily signed the guest book "Bob Strauss, The White House, 1984.") Everyone gobbled lobster and filet, whooped over the Forbes' glittery plumbing, and brooded about the Budget. Several urged chugging off to the Falklands, with the duke of Wellington at the helm. But no. After three hours, passengers trotted off, each toting a large shopping bag, a little green plastic-covered book called "The Sayings of Chairman Malcolm," and a green-and-white pillow with a Saying printed on it. One pillow said "Anybody who tries to be something to everybody is nobody to anybody." Ear's pillow said, "Everybody has to be somebody to somebody to be anybody." Ear is puzzled but dazzled. Gosh, it's good to get out of the house.