Reaganomics or no Reaganomics, the lavish, eye-popping concert productions routinely staged by groups such as Earth, Wind & Fire and the Commodores haven't quite trickled down to less well-heeled bands like Atlantic Starr.

By supergroup standards, Atlantic Starr's concert at Constitution Hall Saturday night was a modest affair; props were limited to a projection screen hung overhead, and even its purpose--flashing the band's logo--was largely functional. But just the same, you couldn't help but discover how well attuned this 10-piece ensemble is to the eyes and ears of the pop-soul audience.

In its lock-step choreography, with band members wielding instruments as if presenting arms in a military parade, the group frequently recalled EW&F spit and polish; in its lush balladry, especially when David Lewis dreamily crooned "The Perfect Love," the pop sheen romanticism of the Commodores was immediately evident; and when both Lewis brothers--David and Wayne--took center stage, a heart-throb appeal akin to the Jacksons' always figured in their success.

With continuing success on the pop and soul charts, Atlantic Starr may soon be able to afford the perks and props of superstardom. For the time being, though, they're doing quite well without them.