Remember Esquire mag's joyous roundup of the, ahem, Neoliberals? (The guru of them all, recall, is Charlie Peters, prince of waggish wee Washington Monthly.) Well. Quel horreur. The high-toned Columbia Journalism Review has just carped that certain super Capitol Hill neoliberals were excluded from Esquire's set because they're not, well, sexy. Sens. Joe Biden and Chris Dodd, CJR says, were judged too "unglamorous" to make the list. Sen. Carl Levin didn't hit it, suggests CJR, because he's "disheveled, balding, plump, perhaps the worst-dressed man in the Senate, and anything but glamorous." Well. Last week, the Michigan Democrat bounded gracefully to the Senate floor. He was delighted to be dubbed "unglamorous" along with Dodd and Biden, he cried. (Although he feared his wife would "be out getting me hair transplants, putting me in exercise courses and buying me new suits.") It was the crack about not being sexy that stuck in his craw. "Plump, balding, disheveled--even worst-dressed--I can accept with some degree of serenity. But nonsexy. Mr. President, there are limits to what any man in public life ought to be asked to stand for--and this crosses those limits. Or at least I hope it does, and my wife assures me that it does. Of course, in that regard, maybe I cannot trust her judgment--after all, she picks out my clothes." Ear is definitely charmed.