Flash from the Jackie front: The "earliest example of her first-name signature to appear on the market" hits the auction block at the Waldorf Astoria tomorrow. It's tucked in with quite a juicy mishmash of memorabilia of Black Jack Bouvier, Jackie's dad. Her jaunty "Jacqueline" is on an early birthday card to her Papa. (Another card, being sold separately, says "DEAR DADDY i WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY HAPPY WISHIS," but she didn't sign it herself.) The big bundle of papers probably was found kicking around in the basement of the old Bouvier summer house in Southhampton, says Charles Hamilton, the autograph king. Tucked in among 33 pieces: a summons for Black Jack's appearance before the Committee on Business Conduct of the New York Stock Exchange, and letters about "sticky" financial dealings. (That's the catalogue's "sticky." Ear would never dare.) Then, there are long lists of personal expenses of Janet (now Janet Auchincloss) Bouvier; a birthday card from wee Lee, now Lee Radziwill, ("HALLO DADDY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY, LOVE FROM LEE"). Also among the "Curious Lot," (there they go again) are "intimate" letters between Jackie's parents, including another "curious" one: "You'll always have my love, of one kind or another," writes Janet on a color-printed card to her ex-mate. The kickoff price at auction might be as low as $150 for "HAPPY WISHIS" and $250 for the Curious Lot. Ear is pretty curious itself. Stay tuned.