Following are possible pick-up picnics for two from area shops. Unless otherwise stated, most prefer 24 hours' notice, although they occasionally can produce a picnic on the spur of the moment. All prices are for 2.

La Ruche, 1039 31st St. NW.--Ham sandwich on French bread with a green salad and a walnut gateau, $14.26 including tax. Other menus also available. 965-2684.

American Cafe, 227 Massachusetts Ave. NE and 1211 Wisconsin Ave. NW--The Deli: a platter of roast beef, smoked ham, salami with dressings and mustards, bread, cole slaw, and carrot-cake cupcakes, $15; smoked chicken, brie, garlic/broccoli salad, French bread and fresh fruit, $13.90; cold soup, croissant, choice of either pesto noodle, cucumber and dill, tomato with mozzarella, chicken tarragon or Portland tuna salad, and a brownie, $16.50; The Gourmet: summer soup, smoked eye of round, port salut, cucumber and dill salad, bread and chocolate-dipped strawberries, $27.90. Tel: 337-3601.

Movable Feast, 1850 New York Ave. NE--Flank steak salad with avocado, shrimp and cucumber salad, miniature croissants, marinated, bite-sized asparagus, sesame noodles, fruit, cheese and chocolate-dipped macaroons, $30 to $34. Four or five days notice necessary. 269-3711.

Sutton Place Gourmet, 3201 New Mexico Ave. NW--,Picnic boxes packed in styrofoam coolers with ice. Quiche, gazpacho, chunky chicken salad, olives, French bread, chocolate-chip cookies, fruit and choice of beer, wine or soft drinks. $18.99; pate', brie, French bread, pasta salad, cucumber and onion salad, three-bean salad, cole slaw, tomatoes, chocolate-chip cookies and choice of beverage, $14.99; choice of deli-style sandwich with potato salad, three-bean salad, cucumber and onion salad, cole slaw, tomato, fruit and chocolate-chip cookies and beverage, $14.99; Tortellini and sausage salad, Italian bread, smoked Italian cheese, green bean salad, olives, fruit, chocolate-chip cookies, beverage, $14.99. Tel: 363-5800.

Suzanne's, 1735 Connecticut Ave. NW--Genoa salami, country pate', cheddar, brie, caponata, bread sticks, cornichons, brownies and fruit, $15; chilled soup, cold roasted chicken, new potato salad, strawberries and cre'me fraiche, $15. Tel: 483-4633.

Chez Wok, 1015 Wisconsin Ave. NW--Oriental chicken over cellophane noodles, julienned vegetables with an Oriental dressing, cucumber and shrimp salad, fruit, a wonton surprise and a small bottle of wine, $15. Tel: 333-9220.